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Huntsman:The Orphanage
Game Features
Game feel. This is a phrase Egoraptor likes to use in describing how Castlevania 2's addition of little things such as flames indicating enemy death and better whip sound effects made improvements to Castlevania 1. In terms of how this would apply to your game, I would go with utilizing the surroundings to throw the player off.

They're being hunted by an Eldritch Horror, so it's natural to think Slendy would utilize things like misdirection and disorientation. Things like having a sound appear to come from a hallway leading east, leading you down into a dead end. After you return to the area you came from, you appear in a different place entirely. This works with Slendy's powers of teleportation.

If you're willing to go down the Masky route, there could be a masquerade area on the grounds in a secluded area, filled with many different masks. They would be plain white masks, similar to Masky's, but drawn on with different designs like the children in the orphanage were having a party. This would help explain how the Masky characters came to be if you worked it out as Slendy showing a memory to the player.

It could start as the kids playing together, working on an assignment where they pretend to be historical figures who talk about themselves and their works as a sort of history assignment. Meanwhile, the instructor attempts to keep them on task. While they talk about who's still wetting their bed and who has a crush on whom, nobody notices a pale figure enter the room. The same pale figure who has been watching them for months. Before you see what happens, the memory cuts and screaming can be heard, drawing you back to the present where a Masky is standing right in front of you. It would have one of the same masks with a similar pattern drawn on, and trigger a chase the second you moved.

Other ideas for the surroundings would be things like using a gate, seeing it close behind you without a sound, then hearing a grating noise as though it was being opened by someone. Turning back to check would show nobody there, and the gate remains shut. When you turn around to move on, there is a slamming noise which causes the player to automatically check again. Nothing would be near the gate, but observant people might catch a glimpse of a long tendril retracting in the moonlight. It would only be an instant and following it could reveal a secret item if you're planning on anything like that.

If you hadn't planned on a secret item hunt, this could help make a gathering sidequest which allows for a chance at seeing bonus content, or perhaps a True Ending. This could be done by having Charley's favorite toys be scattered about the orphanage. Finding them helps keep Slendy at bay, or alternatively, it could cause the difficulty to increase by inciting Slendy to come after you more intently than if you hadn't found the items.

I might have more ideas later on, though this seems like a decent stopping point for now. Please let me know what you think and I'll come back to you with changes if you're interested in seeing one of my ideas taken in a different direction. I'm truly interested in seeing how this game turns out. Thank you for your time.
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Started writing this at 6 AM, just noticed you mentioned only comments, not discussions, were applicable for the contest. Would you like me to rewrite a few of these for a comment, or is this ok?
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