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Huntsman:The Orphanage
BrokenNova54 15 grudnia 2012 o 13:55
Monster Movements?
Since this is a new entity, "Huntsman" (I like to call it Birdman, with the beak and all), what will it be moving like? I hope it won't be like Slenderman, who teleports, because the character model just doesn't look like I could take it seriously teleporting. On the other hand, standing at the end of a long, light-flickering, bloody hallway while seeing Birdman running like some demented spider at me would scare me to death.
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ShadowShifters  [autor] 23 grudnia 2012 o 22:17 
@BrokenNova54 - Funny you say that - check out the images on the main page slideshow, cop a load of those spider legs!
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