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Critical Point : Incursion
{dTa}aRny  [kehittäjä] 16. loka, 2012 2.35
what dev video would you like to see next?
we have plans to show our:

- laser dot (how it works, interacts with the environment and players)
- armour system
- hit point system
- character animation
- Weapons
- Gameplay

Join up on our forums and make your vote!
Viimeisin muokkaaja on {dTa}aRny; 16. loka, 2012 2.56
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{dTa}aRny  [kehittäjä] 16. loka, 2012 7.13 
well noted Zed, its on the deck of cards :) thanks for the suggestion
{dTa}aRny  [kehittäjä] 19. loka, 2012 1.27 
The community voted on our forums and it seems to be so far that they want to see our "hitpoint" damage system in more detail next. We will work on that, showing you how the firing system works, accuracy of the bullets, how this is calculated, together with and without armour. Working out the mitigation, multiplying factor for headshots and so on.

Theres no ETA on that but that is next inline.
{dTa}aRny  [kehittäjä] 23. marras, 2012 5.07 
This is now live, check our latest announcement :-)
Psycho 3. heinä, 2013 17.01 
I'm not sure of your dev roadmap, but let's assume as given that you intend to upgrade basic mechanics and performance to commercial or near-commercial levels.

I'm with zed64IRUS! (crazy tag, btw) - I can play any number of FPS' and I have heaps of MP tactical shooters.

I'm not pro, but if I was going to start up clanning and so forth again, what are the incentives to do so? How do you intend to overcome the large inertia of captive casual pubbers who are happy with their game of choice?

Show us the strategic/tactical options, and actual match-level play and what goes into it. What does CP:I bring to the table that all of those other games don't? Exactly how is/will it be superior? In short, what would make me uninstall <insertnamehere> and dedicate myself to this game competitively, possibly exclusively?

To quote Morpheus' response to Neo
"Show me."
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