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Jackayl Aug 4, 2013 @ 4:26pm
So a few days ago I suddenly remembered this game and noticed it was updated with co-op and a ton of other stuff, so I bought it. After a while of getting used to, I can say it's a great game and I hope it gets on Steam.

Here's my feedback/first impressions.

- No fullscreen.

- I added the game to my steam library. Whenever I got a message, the steam notification would take half of the screen, making it impossible to see anything + no pause menu so I got killed a few times because of it.

- HOW DO I GO INTO THE FIRST LEVEL GHFHG.. Oh, you hold down jump. (point being, it's not obvious enough)

- I play with a PS3 controller. I could only move when I was jumping. I thought it was a game-breaking bug, but I read on the forums that you couldn't use the d-pad to move, so I changed it to analog stick with inventory in L1/R1. Works well as I got used to moving with the analog stick.

- Wasting jump berries - ALL THE TIME - when hanging from/climbing a wall got really annoying. Please make it so that it's only possible to use when you're not colliding with any walls. Or use the jump berry immediately by pressing it's activate button, instead of the jump button. Also I was expecting you could put jump berries in your inventory, but I guess that was a design choice? Maybe add an item that lets you do that, though? :P

- Worms - it was unclear when it was safe to go over them. Maybe make them slightly darker when they dig back into the ground so you know exactly when it's safe to cross. Also dogs were really hard to notice at first.

- The shortcuts are super difficult, I tend to not use them because they always get me killed. Especially Zardo's Gallery (which would probably be a lot easier in multiplayer). Then again I guess it's a high risk high reward - thingie.

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robodwarf0000 May 3 @ 10:19pm 
It still seems as though there are more good things than bad.
LightningZombie May 4 @ 9:34am 
My first impression, they dont want to keep steam consumers updated.
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