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NEO Scavenger
unsobill Jul 16, 2013 @ 12:41am
Maybe MP in the long run ?
That would be dream come true really... if HOMM has multiplayer with 1min timer per player turn, I don't see problems with mechanics for this masterpiece.

Multiplayer should be really raw - with option to create groups/clans/barter/kill with anyone you meet. Perhaps creating quests would be an option, sky is the limit. Multiplayer is going to be the only return on investement for PC game avoiding pirating etc - so please implement it if possible asap. Thank you, been playing since 196 already ) how do i build camps and where's different seasons ?
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Daniel@BlueBottleGames  [developer] Sep 4, 2013 @ 6:37am 
Hey unsobill,

Sorry for the delay in responding. I don't visit the "Discussions" tab as often as other places.

A lot of people have asked for multiplayer so you're not alone in thinking that. And I agree that it would be fun to try. However, MP is a bit beyond my capabilities right now. My focus will be to finish the single player experience, and then I'll start thinking about what comes next.

As for camps, placing most camp items on the ground or in the "camp" screen will give the benefit of that item (e.g. sleeping bags, tarp shelters, campfires). Also, switching camps on the camp screen ("R" hotkey) changes the stats for things like sleep, shelter, and concealment.

Re: seasons, the weather will actually change over time. If you are able to survive for a month or more, you'll see a consistent drop in temperature as winter approaches. Really cold days will have snowflakes falling instead of rain. There is no seasonal hex art, however.

Thanks for your suggestion, and for playing NEO Scavenger!
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