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Captain zeldacoon 2012. okt. 13. @ du. 4:56
Faction Recruitment
I just baught the game, thinking it would allow me to greatly expand my faction. I've found that once you get three members, no one else you can hire shows up. Where can I recruit members past my third? Or is it not available yet?
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Deedy 2012. okt. 13. @ du. 6:29 
I'm currently on 5 members. There are other NPC's around, you can find them in bars scattered across the land. Press 'M' to get a look at the map and move your camera around, you should see the blue 'X' on the map moving. That will give you a sense of direction and you can start venturing to your next town to recruit more members.
Master Sweeper 2012. okt. 13. @ du. 7:30 
Are you still in the same city? There are many more cities in the world with a lot more men to hire.

Right now I have 4 men hired.
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Penas 2012. okt. 13. @ du. 9:56 
you must not be looking hard enough if you cant find anymore. btw if u dont mind a little cheating I used the contruction kit in the kenshi folder to add the "Hire me" dialog into all shop guards, so I can just hire them for 700 cats as you would the normal npcs.
TbKxArchAngel 2012. okt. 15. @ du. 2:51 
i have 10 members what i did was i started a new game and imported my charters
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bag Twelve 2012. okt. 19. @ du. 4:42 
I have a platoon of starving african children.
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