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Jerome LaPope 29 set 2012, ore 2:23
Desura Purchase
I bought this on desura will it be transfered to steam like project zomboid say they will?
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Noah 1 ott 2012, ore 21:55 
Most likely, if you support the dev. :]

I totally support the Dev on this one.
Jerome LaPope 2 ott 2012, ore 14:33 
Well yes of course i support the developer i bought the game did i not? ;)
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.Ky 3 ott 2012, ore 23:16 
Sadly I have doubts your Desura Key will work with Steam, unless they send everyone on desura who bought it with another key to redeem on steam.. which most likely wont happen.
Bach 4 ott 2012, ore 4:59 
does it matter if you bought it on steam or not you should be able to add it as a non-steam game or you will be able to add a product of steam.
Captain Deathbeard  [sviluppatore] 4 ott 2012, ore 5:50 
Yes I intend to make sure every previous buyer gets a Steam key.
Bach 4 ott 2012, ore 5:51 
o.o a developer who cares about his buyers........... thats new.
Kyberite 4 ott 2012, ore 13:28 
Including Gamersgate purchasers too?
Jerome LaPope 4 ott 2012, ore 14:02 
I applaud you Captain Deathbeard
Abel Garcia 12 ott 2012, ore 8:57 
I have been playing this game since I bought the desura key a few months ago. Even if our keys don't get transferred I will gladly pay for a copy on steam as well. I support his developer and he has made a truly amazing game! This game beats many of my AAA bigname companies games on my list of what to play first. I can kill hours upon hours simply grinding through the game.
raf 17 ott 2012, ore 4:29 
First of all thank you for this so much cpt. deathbeard , second how will we get the key through email I assume?
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