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Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars
Reverie World Indie  [sviluppatore] 15 ott 2012, ore 13:25
At the top of Greenlight!
While we didn`t get Greenlit in today`s round, things are looking good - as DoF is currently sitting at the 2nd spot on the entire Greenlight!

Thanks for the support guys, and hopefully we`ll be in the next round!
Ultima modifica da Reverie World Indie; 15 ott 2012, ore 13:26
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Karnil Vark Khaitan 15 ott 2012, ore 14:52 
I hope u guys will get that, honestly great game, its just need fixe some rough edges
HeWhoWalksAlone 15 ott 2012, ore 20:41 
yeah i'll agree to that 100% and the dev was awesome to work with to get the minor error i had fixed, i cant wait till this is on steam!
FreshwaterAU 16 ott 2012, ore 7:49 
I just bought this game off the greenlight bundle. here's hoping!
Zebah (szebus) 18 ott 2012, ore 10:10 
Can't wait to see this game on Steam...
tentimes 19 ott 2012, ore 2:43 
This game deserves to get Greenlit already! I bought it at release and if it goes live on Steam I am buying extra copies for my friends to get them playing, to see what they are missing.

It is a quality game and the developers are the kind with ears, not those earless bunch you normally see these days. They have been in the forums and interacting with players right from the start.

It's a top quality game and by voting for it on steam greenlight we can only make it better because of more players online to play against each other. This should already be on steam, hopefully that will be remedied soon!
Raganot 31 ott 2012, ore 20:09 
They got my vote. I'd never heard of it and just stumbled across it on Greenlight. I'll be looking into this game more now. Looks really fun.
The Black Knight 5 nov 2012, ore 16:09 
This game totally should get greenlit! Looks amazing!!! I can't believe I hadn't heard of it till now. All it lacks is proper press!
zen 29 nov 2012, ore 15:15 
This game has great potential I really hope it goes on steam because then it would also have a large community to play with
Plebo 6 dic 2012, ore 17:20 
the game have my bleesing!
dragonjacob2 13 dic 2012, ore 20:11 
when does the game come out?
athelasloraiel 28 mar 2013, ore 10:43 
1.4.13. on steam.
where can u see greenlight list of votes?
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