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In Verbis Virtus
Ejikollon 5/out/2012 às 22:55
What is this awesome game is rejected by the Steam community?
Where can I buy this game?
I'm already downloading the demo. I just mean if I really like it afterwards.
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Indomitus Games  [desenvolvedor(a)] 6/out/2012 às 5:14 
Thank you for downloading the demo ^^
In Verbis Virtus is still in development, but we hope to be able to release it during Q1 2013
Mellowcow 6/out/2012 às 7:18 
Maybe you can sell it on The demo was really well done.
Ejikollon 6/out/2012 às 11:44 
I just finished the demo. Just the game for me! (But a bit blurry with sharp turns). Cannot wait for your game to release!
Kuregi 21/out/2012 às 15:50 
I will give this a try it sounds very good
Kuregi 21/out/2012 às 15:53 
may i have a link to the demo
Kuregi 30/out/2012 às 7:53 
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