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New Patch, Towns 0.60 is out!
In this build we are introducing the caravans and the trading.
Caravans which come in various shapes in sizes, will also carry different items for trade based on their theme. No longer shall townies starve for some cow meat while standing in the heat of a sunny desert!

We have also started overhauling the interface, introducing new panels such as the citizen panel, the stock panel, the soldiers panel and the heroes panel.

Soldiers can now sleep in the barracks, on dorm beds stacked over each other or the old personal beds, if you feel your soldiers should have some quality of life beside guarding a dungeon entrance all day long.
We have also added the option to form and name groups that will better organize your task force and allow for some easier hero assistance.

Another feature we have added is items that give effects. Those items will grant their equipper each a special effect who can prove very useful in the heat of the battle, for example, the Plague Bringer, which can spread a plague among the enemies, or the Mask of the beast which grant the equipper with the ability to transform into the highlander's beast for a short while, temporarily gaining increased health and damage, however, after the effect is over, the townie will get exausted and travel and fight at low speed.

For the modders between us we have added the ability to decide on what levels to spawn citizens, and what is the starting number of the townies, this can lead to a mod about an underground race.

Another feature that many of you might appreciate is the option to turn off sieges.

Other than those we have rebalanced the enemies, added a lot of new blocks, items and graphics (such as, each ladder now have every direction graphic to it, determined by its relation to a wall or a terrain block).

We very much hope you guys will enjoy this patch as much as we enjoyed developing it!

This is another step in the direction toward a steam release.

Head over to our website to read the full patch notes and get the latest Demo to try it out,.

If you have preordered the game through BMT micro, click the link in the original mail you received after purchasing that will direct you to a download page.

Desura and IndieRoyale purchasers will have to wait for them to authorize the build, this usually takes somewhere between couple of hours up to a day.

Read the patch notes here:

Visit us on our website and join our forums for deeper discussions in
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Burningpet; 28. 9., 2012 10.20
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Looks good. Keep up the good work. Like the new interface, but could you add a hotkey for the left side menu? Thanks!
I notice that sips, who spawns sadon-keleton to follow him has an issue that sadon-keleton cannot move through doors. Although mobs chasing heros can run through doors, but the hero's summon cannot? (You can manually open the door at least.)

Otherwise this update has been great, especially the huge boost in the soundtracks.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on [BLD] SirJustin90; 21. 10., 2012 11.01
in a future update i would like to be able to directly control one towny in first person like that could be usefull for exploring or makeing somone do something that normally they would avoid it like the plauge
can you make a better tutorial
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