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Out There Somewhere
Daniel 25 nov 2013 om 11:09vm
Steam Keys?
Will the bundle buyers get a steam key if it's greenlit?

for those who interested, it's part of a bundle here:
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catchthebear 4 dec 2013 om 11:44vm 

Also interested in knowing this.
Rafa_9000 4 dec 2013 om 1:09nm 
+2 interested too, i buy it in other bundle and activated it on desura....i dont remenber wath bundle is, maybe is the greenlight bundle or a mac bundle, dont sure, hope to get a key on Desura, i love this game.
UlysisAM 5 dec 2013 om 1:06vm 
The game was part of the Indie Royale Debut 2 Bundle.
Enzo & Lala 6 dec 2013 om 11:35vm 
+3 I bough the bundle!
warchild14 29 dec 2013 om 8:46nm 
I've downloaded from some bundle. don't remember now. At that time I don't remember if it was steam related.
Gorka86 12 mei om 10:50nm 
Now, when the game is about to be launched in Steam the devs have an answer?
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