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Mosquito Señorito 8 nov 2012 à 6h39
Fly'n waiting thread
While we're waiting to get our hands on this one, can we discuss what exactly got you hooked for the game?
Was it the art-style or gameplay features? Or maybe the story?
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Jackal 8 nov 2012 à 8h57 
For me it was the art-style, but also looks incredibly fun to play.
Storbein 8 nov 2012 à 9h46 
For me, well, it has to be because i am cursed... forever damned having to wait for awesome games to come out. why did i have to find this by accident, just a few weeks ago, and i have been waiting in anticipation ever since...
I tell you, its a curse!
Jackal 8 nov 2012 à 10h22 
I think I'm cursed too
Fly'n  [développeur] 8 nov 2012 à 12h34 
Yes please, let's discuss :)
Salvatos 8 nov 2012 à 12h55 
The game reminds me of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet but more lighthearted and perhaps more forgiving as far as difficulty is concerned. Was it an influence for you guys?
-Ge0m@ncieN- [Kings of knights] 8 nov 2012 à 13h10 
Hi im morrocon and i appreace the game , im play in ankama about 6 years (2005) , i also test the beta for dofus , wakfu and dofus arena too , i playing sometime with my friend in island of wakfu and now im ready for Fly'n so good luck for all ^^

Bay the way i also take the photo ( i love it ;D)

Sinon je passe aussi mes bonjour au amis français et marocain , du coup bonne chance pour l'avoir aussi
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Jackal 8 nov 2012 à 14h14 
All the best to the developers, I can't wait to play it tommorrow
Imerni 8 nov 2012 à 15h16 
i have a realy wired taste on games, i don't like all those number 1 online games, i'm more to something like special, and that game realy made my heart jump, and now i have supported you in like 2 month, even send the page to some good friends, and used a Fly'n bird as profil picture, so you will always have my vote, and i'll hope you will make more games there will make my mind think something extraordinary, can't wait anymore :P
Salty Owl 8 nov 2012 à 22h41 
Its a puzzle game added in with different characters and lots of color, I like it. :)
-Ge0m@ncieN- [Kings of knights] 9 nov 2012 à 1h47 
i also researsh about some one how can give my this game ^^ , but fail T_T
Penassa 9 nov 2012 à 5h33 
cant wait , love platformers and the art looks incredible hope its fun to play :) alredy got my xbox controler ready and the drives patched ready to go :)
Storbein 9 nov 2012 à 5h59 
Oh, that reminds me, i need to recharge my controller!! thank you, penassa.
-Ge0m@ncieN- [Kings of knights] 9 nov 2012 à 5h59 
can some one give my the game after :D ?
SaveAndQuit 9 nov 2012 à 6h46 
GameTrailers.com posted a vid yesterday, hopefully that helps spread the word. This game has a unique identity, and that's what excited me. The precise platforming, aesthetics, and the music all fit well together.
C12ASH 9 nov 2012 à 6h53 
3 more hours.
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