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Steam Marines
What bothers me in the graphics and gameplay department
I had to start a thread, because my comment was too long :D.

The smooth and shiny frames in some parts of the interface (like the directional buttons in the bottom right corner and those partial frames around unit stats in the upper right corner) look ♥♥♥♥♥♥ together with all the pixel art, they stick out as if from another game with different graphical style. Also the sprites lack a specified style, the marines are great with a nice shading job, but (all?) the enemies have a bit smoother, less pixelated style with more gentle shading which also makes them look like from a different game. All in all many graphical elements (weapons held by marines, that PC on one of the screens etc.) are smoother, less pixely than others and it looks a little ugly to me. Also I personally prefer not being able to see the stats of the enemies, like their precise number of hp, an option to swap those stats for a simple heart or armor icon with a color code of green-yellow-red would be nice. And enemy action points shouldn't be visible at all - you can tell someone is hurt by looking at them, but you can't know their speed/range until they move and even then you don't know if they are using all their energy. Observation should be the only way to learn the capabilities of your enemy. If it's a rogue-like it shouldn't be overly friendly towards the casual player or at least have separate modes for hardcore gamers and "filthy casuals" ;). That's about it, pretty much cosmetic stuff, but it'd be nice if you fixed it. The graphics part isn't a mortal sin, but I just think the game would look much better with a consistent level of pixellization/shading.

Good luck!
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apsyse  [developer] Sep 4, 2013 @ 12:26pm 
Hey, Janusz, I just launched for alpha sale (like 30 seconds ago!) but I'll be back to read and answer/comment as soon as I can!
apsyse  [developer] Sep 4, 2013 @ 5:57pm 

You've hit upon an unfortunate trend in Steam Marines - too many artists. Early on I was the only artist and everything was universally ugly. Then I had an artist on board at the end of 2012/beginning of 2013. He took my sprites and turned them into some of the units (like the marines) that you see. The current artist came on board in the middle of 2013.

The shiny control buttons haven't been in any build for months! That's my mistake for leaving old screenshots in and not updating them! I'll be doing that momentarily :)

I'll see what I can do about having the enemy floating text optional. The graphic popup/status effect icons have been on my todo list forever but higher priority items keep getting in the way. I'll see what I can do to motivate myself :P

Thanks for taking a look at the game!
bar.pys Sep 7, 2013 @ 3:04am 
Agreed with the above comments however i feel that changes like visible hp/etc should be toggleable.
Implementing the "filthy casuals" (lovin' the name btw :D ) and several difficulty levels could be linked to such settings.

Regarding inconsistent sprites- it is completely understandable on the current stage of the game build (it is still an alpha after all, first focus usually goes to implementing new features, ruling out the bugs and only then making it an eye candy ;) )
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