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Afterfall InSanity Extended Edition
majka.corp  [ontwikkelaar] 15 okt 2012 om 11:45nm
Thank you all
Thank you all - fans, opponents, silent supporters - we were fighting together and we won, thanx Steam Greenlight Team for outstanding opportunity
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When it comes out?
majka.corp  [ontwikkelaar] 16 okt 2012 om 8:22vm 
we assume december
When can we expect Extended Edition patches for Origin and other stores?
Congratulations. But a question remains: will it be any different from the GamersGate version, wich I own? :)
Congratulations, will be able to buy it on here too.......
Поздровляю ! ;) Удачи
Bad that, i can't activate key from CD on Steam(((
Origineel geplaatst door Zoreslav:
Bad that, i can't activate key from CD on Steam(((

What made you think, you would be able to do that? O_o
thanks for making the game better then the original!!!
Well done, gz guys!
Laatst bewerkt door ROR5CH4CH *; 28 jun 2014 om 3:22vm
What happened to this game, why is it gone from Steam now?
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