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William Bonney Oct 25, 2012 @ 12:53am
William Bonney's "Let's go for a RIDE" Perpetuum Online In Game Event - Win the race, and win 30 days free game time, and other prizes.
Greetings Player of Perpetuum Online,

I hereby invite you to take part in an In-Game Event I am calling "RIDE the Ring." This event is open to any and all people who log into Perpetuum, and has "registerred" to particiapte within 2 days prior to the race. The details of the race is as follows:

1. On Sunday, November 5th, at approximately 8pm EDT, is about when the race will begin. At 7pm EST, any Racer who has registered will be invited to join a squad, and given a T4 Light Weight Frame outside of the ICS Alpha Terminal on the island of Attalica. You then may enter station and equip it, put it in your hangar, I don't care what. It's yours to do with whatever you like.

2. All racers will line up at 7:45pm, if you not at the starting line at that time, you will be removed from the squad and disqualified from the race. It doesn't matter if your computer crashed, your client went off line, I don't care. If you are offline at 7:45, you're out. You must be in a regular Light Robot, no MK2's will be allowed for this race. Again, ONLY M1 LIGHT ROBOTS. If you are in something else at this time, you will be removed from squad, and disqualified from the race.

3. When I give the command in General chat "Regulators, Let's RIDE!!!!," that is the command that the race is on.

4. The goal is to "RIDE the Ring" in which you travel any way you are able (without using any form of Mobile Teleport Devices) to Tellesis. Then Daoden, Shinjalar, New Virginia, Hershfield, and then Back to Attalica. The first player to enter ICS Alpha Terminal wins.

5. I will have a Race Staff member, who is not elligible to participate, on every island. They will attempt to keep up with the racers in the fastest Robot they can. Their job is to monitor the racers, and to ensure no one uses the teleport beacons. If someone magically jumps from one side of hte map to the other, we "should" be able to tell. Let's try to keep this honest and fun all, I really don't care for controversies.

6. You are allowed to fit your robots any way you want. You will be in a squad, so anyone using a Nexus Module, will be helping out those who are close to them. You are allowed to kill each other in any way you deem you can. You are allowed to dock up at any station other then ICS Alpha while the race is going on (if caught inside ICS Alpha you will be DQ'd). You are not allowed to use Spark Teleports. That again, will result in a DQ.

Rules: Including the ones previously mentioned.

1. Every participating In Game Character must be a Trial Account. You are allowed to be in a Player Corp, but you are not allowed any outside assistance from your Corp that would effect the outcome of the RIDE. You are not allowed to use T4P on your robot build. Sure, .50 Kg may not seem like a lot, but it's still an advantage, and since this is my event, my rule is if we find a T4P on your robot, you will be disqualified.

2. Every player who registers before Friday, November 2nd, will be elligible to take part in the race, veteran and new player alike. You must register with your Trial Participant. To do so, send William Bonney an end game message, mail, or talk to him in game. If you're not registerred for the race, you are not elligble.

3. I would like to say "only one trial participant per person" as in no multi-client/boxing, whoever that one is giong to be difficult to enforce. As how would I know? Going to go by the honor system here, and hope that having more then one will slow down your Computer's load times, or cause your attention to be drawn away enough that you'll get beat, but I dunno. So please, don't use more than one character, I'm asking respectfully to honor the "idea" behind the race.

4. I would also like to say "It's every man for himself, no team play allowed," but again, there are ways around that as well. So again, trusting the Perpetuum community to be honest, and use this event as intended, having fun.

Prizes will inlude (but not limited to)

1st Place: One I.C.E. (Integration Cycle Extender)
This is a Syndicate-issued warrant that can extend the validity of a Perpetuum account by 30 days.
To use it, right click the item and select "Activate". This item works on previously subbed or Trial Accounts.

2nd Place: One Mk 2 Mech-sized robot of your choice fitted fully with T4 items. You tell me what you want installed, and I'll make sure you have it.

3rd Place: One Mk 2 Assault-sized robot of your choice fitted fully with T4 items. Same deal.

All prizes will be awarded Wednesday, November 7th at 8pm EST at ICS Alpha at an in game "Awards Ceremony." If you are unable to attend, you may still receive your prize by getting in contact with me, Willam Bonney, in game and arranging it.

Again, I make a plee to the Perpetuum community to have fun with these event, and help keep it for others who are attending. Play by the rules and you can win a free month of play. For those not participating, I ask you not to interfere with the Racers. Please, watch and have fun with it too if you like. If this event gets popular, I will attempt to host this event once a month. If you or your corp would like to donate modules or NIC (in game currencty) to aide in this event, you are welcome to do so. I am not too high and mighty that I won't accept charity.

I also am asking for volunteers for staff members during the race. I will be conducting informal "game character" background checks for those who volunteer. I am also personally asking some players who I know to be apart of the staff, I have done so already. If you are not choses to be staff, do not take it personally. I will choose people I feel I can trust not to abuse some sort of system to allow someone else an edge or advantage. If it turns out I am wrong about the person, well, that's my fault. I've been screwed over before, but I don't live my life expecting that, unable to trust people (especially fellow gamers).

If you have questions or concerns, please reply and I will answer as fully as I can.

Oh, and "Rules of the RIDE event may change before the race takes place." I might have forgotten something, or not known it, that could alter and give someone an advantage over another that I did not anticipate. If this occurs, I will adapt the rules & conditions accordingly, to fit my vision of this race.

Good Luck to any and all RIDE! participants!!!