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Is this clone of an existing game ??
It has a good bandwitdh of similarities with EvE - but its different game.
Its like comparing counterstrike with wingcommander...

Its not a clone, its inspired... and its better then those countless WoW clones out there
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Corp Por Sep 23, 2012 @ 2:01pm 
Smokeyii Sep 23, 2012 @ 8:14pm 
Yeah, I agree. It's similar only on the surface really, once you get into it you'll find it's a much better and more refined game.
-MOSES- Sep 23, 2012 @ 8:34pm 
=10RUS=CTAKAH_200rp Sep 23, 2012 @ 10:09pm 
Seems like EvE+MechWarrior to me=)
GH( )ST FACE Sep 24, 2012 @ 3:56am 
gloom303 Sep 24, 2012 @ 4:52am 
If you think this is EvE, then you clearly never played the game. :)
It actually has zero Mechwarrior aspects in it... really. At least i haven't found a single one yet.
Chest Sep 24, 2012 @ 4:33pm 
the mechs look ugly and im not sure if im down to invest in another time based skilling game. If I play this game it would be extremely casual. Best of luck though.
Frankencastle Sep 25, 2012 @ 2:12am 
i want this BECAUSE it looks so much like EVE. which is currently my favourite game. and yeah theres a thousand WOW clones so..........
SkaR Sep 26, 2012 @ 6:54am 
interface and a game mechanic looks one to one as EVE O_o
but I would be played =)
Ominous_Penguin Sep 26, 2012 @ 9:33am 
There are ex-EVE players who seem to enjoy it. There is a 15 day trial so give it a go.

In my oppionion from playing it, Perpetuum is worse than EVE in every way except the price.
Note I said price, not value for money - despite the higher price I'd say EVE is better value for money.
I used to play EVE (2005-07) and during my time playing Perpetuum I was constantly reminded of EVE by the esentially identical mechanics, however I was frustrated because the same mechanics are poorly implemented.
You would have thought that as they had EVE to copy they would have done a better job?!

This is my oppinion and as I said, there are ex-EVE players who prefer Perpetuum so give it a go if you're interested.

Personally I think I'm going to be waiting for Infinity to satisfy my Sci-FI MMO cravings:
Yarpen Sep 27, 2012 @ 6:21am 
Don't know much about the game yet, but the trailer brings EVE to mind almost at once, and stuff like "single universe" "corporations" "science and industry" only confirms the suspicion - it looks a lot like a clone of EVE, except for planetary setting.
That said, I like EVE and will probably try Perpetuum, if only for the sake of seeing some landscape instead of empty space for once ;)
Gremrod Sep 28, 2012 @ 8:33am 
Back during closed beta a wrote about this subject on my blog.
kappafiend Sep 30, 2012 @ 7:30am 
Reminds me of one of my favourite games, Chromehounds for x360! I've always been looking for a game like this when they shut down the Chromehounds servers, mech vs mech
MoBIoS Oct 3, 2012 @ 8:59am 
Yes, it looks and feels a lot like EvE. I have played EvE since late of 2004. Corp mates in EvE told me about this game upon release. After hesitation, I gave it a go. It felt quite familiar and it catered many aspects, which I was missing in the other game. These where mainly pvp aspects for me, such as that you have to activley move through mouse or WASD in combat and take terretory into account for your advantages, i.e. line of sight.

These enabled many new war tactics in hit and run pvp and large scale battles. Positioning your mechs on the battlefield according to their abilities i.e. sniper, ewar, tanks.
The ability to flank your opponents, lure them into traps, persuits, etc.. I find is awesome, compared to just gate camp, or warp in, orbit, trigger weapons, and warp out, like you have in EvE. This really is tactical warfare.

And now adding the ability to build outposts, terraforming, etc... if asked, which game I would chose to play, I would clearly give perpetuum the vote.

Of course the game experience will ony work, when there is enough population on the servers. This I have to say, it is severly laking at the moment, but thru greenlight it is nicely picking up. So I hope to see many nice battles in the future.

Ah and a quick thought about never beeing able to compete with vets, like you have in time based skilling systems, such as EvE also. In my opinion, this is not entirely true. One can soft cap their abilities in aprox 3 month. If you concentrate on one ability. The difference here is only, that vets have a wider choice of technologies, to choose from.
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