Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

realaxis  [ontwikkelaar] 19 sep 2012 om 12:39vm
Stained Releasing This month (September 2012)
Hi There,

We are still far from getting accepted on steam. I don't know how far or close we are but it says (as of today) you are 40% of. Well we are going to leave this upto the community to decide when they want us on steam.

As our greenlight campaign is going on and we have received a good support from all community members, which is kind of greenlight for us! I am happy to announce here those who are interested in playing this game will be able to grab it from impulse and desura end of this month.


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Stark-fan 19 sep 2012 om 1:13vm 
I am really looking forward to it. Just out of curiosity what is the status on the greenlight right now, as I can't see any percentages or ranking is it making any progress? I would really love to see it here.

How much it is going to cost ?
realaxis  [ontwikkelaar] 19 sep 2012 om 1:19vm 
We can't see the ranking now, All those 1-2% positive rating things has gone, it is only saying "our item is 40% of the way to making the top 100 list" It means we are not even in the first 100 list. God knows what shows up after we go into the first 100 list. As you can see lot of list has to be crossed. I think only some miracle can only take us in the 'next batch of steam greenlight game in oct 15'

You can grab it for $9.99 on release. (or there is also pre-order going on at impulse with 10% discount right now.)
realaxis  [ontwikkelaar] 19 sep 2012 om 1:27vm 
Not sure what's going on but the 40% has changed to 100% as we speak. But nothing else happened when it changed itself to 100%.

You can check out the image here :

nowazawasdp182 19 sep 2012 om 5:18vm 
Can't wait for release :)
Peaches 27 sep 2012 om 3:33nm 
One word. Really?
realaxis  [ontwikkelaar] 31 okt 2012 om 10:30vm 
Robocop 29 sep 2013 om 10:26vm 
this game seems like a nice old school style (almost ps1esc) game and i look forward to trying it. Any chance of like a trial level?
realaxis  [ontwikkelaar] 11 okt 2013 om 5:51vm 
Send me your email address and I will send a game copy to you.
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