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Ed reTRADEo 20 stycznia 2013 o 14:56
How about local Multiplayer and Gamepad Support
After playing the Demo i can only say that this game is freakin' awesome, but I think that Local Multiplayer and Gamepad support would make it even better.
Will it be added after getting a bigger community and becoming greenlit, or is the game "finished" as it is now?
Ostatnio edytowany przez: Ed reTRADEo; 20 stycznia 2013 o 14:58
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BDR  [autor] 30 stycznia 2013 o 20:01 
I only own an Xbox 360 USB controller, but it definitely works with that. :D Do you have a different controller that it doesn't work with?
BDR  [autor] 9 marca 2013 o 11:47 
And hey! I just added local multiplayer a few days ago in the form of some simple co-op! It's in a rough state right now, but if you give it about a week, it'll be pretty bug-free!
Ed reTRADEo 13 grudnia 2014 o 9:31 
You rock!
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