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SilentBugler 16/mai/2013 às 12:48
It took some time but now you're on the road to victory.

What's the ETA?
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FRancIK 16/mai/2013 às 16:00 
I want to congratulate you guys as well. I believed you will make it. :)
White Devil  [desenvolvedor(a)] 16/mai/2013 às 16:36 
Wahoooooo! Thanks!! I'm really pumped for this to finally have happened :D

I'm not positive about an ETA, but as soon as possible! I mean, the game is finished, but there are still a few things I'd like to try (or need to do), mainly:

-Take care of all the businessy stuff with Valve
-Integrate the Steam API
-Try my best to make the game cross-platform
-Maybe add in a new mode or something (if it doesn't take too long. I can always do this after release)

Once that's done, Bleed will be out the door!
Hyetal 16/mai/2013 às 16:52 
I'm curious if Steam keys will be available for purchases made through GamersGate? I believe I've read something that suggested this wasn't possible, but it would be great if you could confirm or deny that.

Congratulations. Well deserved.
telltalegamer132 17/mai/2013 às 4:52 
Hi Ian. You probably don't remeber me, and I don't blame you if you don't (think retro bemine bundle). But anyway, congrats about being greenlit! Seriously you did an awesome job on this, and I'm excited to see it on steam. So yeah, awesome job. It would be cool to see a new mode or just somthing to shake things up, but even just the standard version is so worth replaying.
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