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Little Racers STREET
DarkByNight 28 set 2012, ore 2:10
Possible bug report.
Small question, or possibly bug report. Every time I finish a race, when I try to start the next race it hangs forever on loading. If I close it from the task bar and start it again, then I can run one more race and then it starts over again.
This happens every single time. This is with the full version on Desura by the way.
Is there any way to get around this?

That said, amazingly fun game, I could recommend it to any racing fan. :D

This is really strange but... After I linked the game to my steam library I stopped having this problem. :)
Some conflict with Desura perhaps?
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WaaghMan  [sviluppatore] 28 set 2012, ore 5:19 
Thanks for the report. Sounds really strange, specially if it stopped happening after linking the game with steam.

Does linking the game with steam means you can use Ctrl+Tab to open the dashboard? Maybe this thing "fixed" the issue.

We would love to know your CPU/GPU/OS specs to try solve the issue.
DarkByNight 28 set 2012, ore 5:25 
The dashboard can be opened when linked to steam... The bug did actually happen twice at the time I was playing on steam, after I had made the update on my bug report, but twice in around 10-12 races is better than 1 for every race.
My CPU is Intel Dual core 2.2 GHz
Graphics is Nvidia Geforce GT 220 2GB
Windows 7 32 bit.

WaaghMan  [sviluppatore] 28 set 2012, ore 5:27 
Many thanks, we'll check it out, we'll let you know how it goes.

As compensation, if you happen to have some friends interested in the game, I can give you some keys for the game so you can try it online.
DarkByNight 28 set 2012, ore 6:28 
That is very generous, and I do indeed have such friends. :)
Thank you.

Edit: I just noticed something. This bug happens when I restart a race.
Twice I've made a really big mistake, but when I clicked restart race it would hang endlessly.
So, while it's been linked to steam it has done it 3 times, 2 of them has been both of the times I've tried to restart a race. :)
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WaaghMan  [sviluppatore] 28 set 2012, ore 13:15 
Just give me the Desura usernames of your friends (up to 5) and we'll send them the keys.

When you retry a race it's mainly the same as if you exit and start again, so there's probably no difference between both attempts.

I've checked it but have been unable to reproduce the issue. Can you tell me if the game effectively freezes (the city background stops moving, the music stops playing...), or it's just that the Loading never ends? With that info we could start pinpointing the issue...
DarkByNight 28 set 2012, ore 19:41 
I shall get their Desura usernames shortly, thank you. :)

The music keeps playing, the background keeps scrolling like it is genuinely loading, except it never seems to stop, I have let it run for several minutes with no effect.
WaaghMan  [sviluppatore] 29 set 2012, ore 2:21 
Ok, looks like it's a threading issue then. Either the loading thread never ends, or the signal that the loading is finished is never sent/never received.

We'll work on it this Monday, if you give me an email address I'll send you a test version so you can tell us if it works.
DarkByNight 29 set 2012, ore 2:30 
Can you please delete this one post once you've written down the adress? Thank you. :)
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WaaghMan  [sviluppatore] 29 set 2012, ore 15:03 
Can't delete the post, but I edited it and removed the line, thanks.
DarkByNight 30 set 2012, ore 3:14 
Here are the Desura names of my wife and two friends: madammaple, lonemessiah and Hyfrydle32. :)
Thank you for your kindness, and I honestly hope my bug report helps.
WaaghMan  [sviluppatore] 2 ott 2012, ore 2:46 
Did you get my mail? Did the fix work for you?
DarkByNight 2 ott 2012, ore 3:02 
It went to my spam folder. I just pulled it out of there and am going to test it now. :)

Edit: Brilliant job! I tested multiple tracks and multiple cars just to be on the safe side, and it restarted the race every time. :)
WaaghMan  [sviluppatore] 2 ott 2012, ore 9:23 
Great! We'll submit the update tomorrow for everyone then.
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