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No More Room in Hell
ModernSpartan 3. loka, 2012 5.41
I have some suggestions!
I know that you will change how the characters hands look in first person view, but can you also add unique voices to the character? Because the terminator won't be the terminator without Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice :D and maybe you can make them unlockable through achievements like "Grabbin Pills" (take pills 5 times to unlock Lois) I hope you can take my suggestions in consideration!
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Chris Redfield (on vacation) 3. loka, 2012 8.48 
that would be stolen content
ModernSpartan 3. loka, 2012 15.40 
Its a free game, so it would not be a problem
Kexus the Bear Jew 4. loka, 2012 16.36 
Actually, even if the game is free, you can't use copyrighted material without permission.
ModernSpartan 4. loka, 2012 17.19 
kk, but can they try to get permission?
Alu 13. loka, 2012 2.54 
Yes good luck with that, do you think Christian Bale would do voice over for Patric Bateman?:)
ModernSpartan 13. loka, 2012 7.05 
Ok, i see what you did there xD well dang
metalgamer 3. marras, 2012 10.38 
ModernSpartan lähetti viestin:
kk, but can they try to get permission?
Yes,they can try to get permission
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