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No More Room in Hell
DET - Moya 27. syys, 2012 4.51
Is it me, or....
Or are the Zombies animations for this mod really bad? I mean half the time they don't even swing at you, yet you take damage, they stand in front of blocked doorways for 5 years before they even begin to hack at it (sometimes,). They should probably allow them to climb to so you can't stand on a table and allow them to barely get a peice of you, or in the bed of a truck for that matter. And ya, I know it's a mod. I just want some opinions.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on DET - Moya; 27. syys, 2012 4.52
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Xendrid  [kehittäjä] 27. syys, 2012 12.05 
A lot of animations, scratch that, all animations are placeholders. In the years of development we have had no third-person animators. Strangely enough, literally overnight like a week ago a bunch of animators joined the team. Stay tuned.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Xendrid; 27. syys, 2012 12.05
DET - Moya 27. syys, 2012 12.13 
Best news I could hope for. I'll be staying with your mod for a long time running, friend ;)
Alu 27. syys, 2012 16.32 
Good news.
|NMRiH Dev| Maxx  [kehittäjä] 27. syys, 2012 16.41 
We are working diligently on a new animation set. Like Xendrid just said, it has taken a long time for us to get to this position, because we have never been able to recruit a character animator. But, we've got a few guys now who are going to be helping out. We won't be able to get them in for 1.06 most likely but we'll try our best to get them in as soon as we can!
Dromader 28. syys, 2012 12.09 
Huh, realy good to hear that. Keep up the good job.
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