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Project Zomboid
Trashvis. 5/out/2012 às 18:57
How Much Will It Be
ITS SO FUN IN CAPS ok serous time is it going to be like 10$
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Dragonkilljoy 5/out/2012 às 21:54 
It will probally be 7.99 according to there website.
Trashvis. 6/out/2012 às 7:39 
thx killroy
DoodleNoodle 6/out/2012 às 19:56 
For 8 bucks thats a good deal and if it is when it comes ill buy 2 more for anyone who wants it...maybe
Dopeseekor 6/out/2012 às 20:32 
I just hope that problem ont ocme up where you need an international card to but it, i can get it cause of that
Dopeseekor 6/out/2012 às 20:32 
Wont* Come* Buy* Can't*
It's a good game when I played it in alpha. So I would get it anyway at any price
Jam 8/out/2012 às 15:36 
Yeah 8 dollars on their store that goes directly to them. Steam takes a cut from games on their site. So it'll be about 10 bucks like it says.
I doubt the plan is to trade profit for publicity. They'll still want how much they get without Steam I'd assume.
agreed my good sir.
Catfish Shotgun 12/out/2012 às 5:09 
Someone play with Catfish :D?
Skorm 12/out/2012 às 22:45 
Escrito originalmente por Pinkie Pie:
For 8 bucks thats a good deal and if it is when it comes ill buy 2 more for anyone who wants it...maybe

that sounds cool :P
Redwing 13/out/2012 às 4:55 
i saw on another website it is 10$
powerjack1431 18/out/2012 às 0:56 
question what about the people that got it on desura? i got it there cause i didnt no it was comming out on steam. also since i got it there can i transfer the game to steam? also do i get all the new fetures it comes with in steam even though im not buying it again?
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