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Project Zomboid
georgli Apr 11, 2013 @ 7:15am
Today I tried the demo alpha and I have to say that I'm liking what I've seen. What I'm a bit disappointed about is the need of curor keys to move the Character. Actually, it's not that big a problem for most gamers but it can be a problem for many disabled gamers who have trouble to use a hardware keyboard. The PZ demo did respond to my on-screen keyboard (osk) which is a good thing, though it might be a bit distracting to have the gamer to focus on the osk instead of the game.
What I and many disabled gamers would appreciate a lot is a click to move featurethat lets the avatar walk where the user clicks. Another possible way is the integration of the four arrow keys as an optional set of buttons on the game screen. In the demo it was possible to move in game windows about. That's convenient for such arrow buttons.

From a person with a visual disabilities point of view, the fonts and symbols and perhaps even the graphics itself are rather small. Maybe there's a way to enable an option that simply doubles the entire pixels of graphical elements. Then it would look even more retro and the group of possible customers would grow as well.
I want to suggest to have spoken word winside of a black box because it will be easier to read, even for those without visual disabilities.

Of course it's not limited to visual and physical disabilities. The group of gamers with hearing disabilities is not too small. Those would benefit from visual cues for the games environmental sounds, at least those that have an effect on gameplay. This could be done using pictogramms that appear on the borders of the screen from which direction the sound is coming. Or you could implement a message window that tells things like "scratching from left" or ”distant/clos sound of a fire from the south". It might increase immersion for that group of gamers. That permanent text box (only optional of course) could also be used as a hint box.

I'm really looking forward to your answer and to the game. Thank you for reading my posting. If you want to know more ways to help to include disabled gamers into the group of possible buyers of Project Zomboid I want to invite you to visit and download the PDF. It contains lots of information about how to increase accessibility of games.
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I believe there is a click to move feature, it should be right click. Although I am not sure which version it was implemented in.
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╬҈ZedHead May 7, 2013 @ 12:44am 
The movement with right click is on versions "RC2.0" and "RC2.9" ...
╬҈ZedHead May 7, 2013 @ 12:47am 
And "sad" you bring up a good point, I'm not too sure how they'll implement that if they do.. It would be interesting though..
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