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Secrets of Grindea
[=AWOL=] GodsAperture 20 de jun. 2013 a las 9:46
Suggestions for the Devs
What if you release the game early, but with the unfinished areas as add on content it would be great if you could do that! Such as: your current area of work is A and the next area is B which willl be add-on content and there could even be an add-on C which could require A, B, or both to play and so on and so forth.
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[=AWOL=] GodsAperture 20 de jun. 2013 a las 9:51 
I forgot to ask as well could you give a rough ETA plaese? We really want to know!!!
PixelFerrets  [desarrollador] 20 de jun. 2013 a las 12:49 
This is a suggestion that we get every once in a while, and it's a good one!

The problem is that our game isn't very suited for this kind of episodic release model. Something we've noticed in our beta is that when we add new content, the existing players have played the game so much that the new area is trivial to them (because they are so farmed and skilled)!

This means that for players buying part A, and then part B later, part B will seem much easier than for a player who plays parts A & B in succession. So it generates some pretty big pacing issues for early adopters, and we want all our players to have as good an experience as possible!

Regarding the release date, we wrote a short piece on why we'll keep it as ETA in our blog a while back[www.secretsofgrindea.com]!
[=AWOL=] GodsAperture 20 de jun. 2013 a las 13:44 
Well how about a new game where power, health and some other stats don't really increase that way the beginning and the end both have similar attributes regaring difficulty. It could be like this game too, hey it could even be a second in the series (that is if it is a series like the legend of zelda where they seem to have nothing but the characters in common just different locations or like Half-life where it's the same area and characters).
[=AWOL=] GodsAperture 20 de jun. 2013 a las 13:45 
P.S. Any one person can send reccomendations for this Discussion group feel free to post your ideas too!
Hadrian (69 FatNDangerous 69) 26 de jun. 2013 a las 18:06 
So um.... Perma-death anyone? if not please just add the ability to have perma death itd be better if it was auto perma-death though so... ya think aboot it
PixelFerrets  [desarrollador] 26 de jun. 2013 a las 18:33 
@Knight Solaire

We've gotten this suggestion a few times now, and we'll probably add a hardcore mode with permadeath for players who enjoy heart attacks!
Hadrian (69 FatNDangerous 69) 26 de jun. 2013 a las 18:51 
Nice! great to see you guys actually care for suggestions!
Agent Tru 29 de jun. 2013 a las 10:02 
combined attacks, be it magic or just non-magic, it would be something different compared to past, present and odds are future games.
Oak益Calavera 14 de jul. 2013 a las 23:26 
mushonian 26 de jul. 2013 a las 21:46 
Heh, I'm your man if you want ability and weapons idea. My old RPGs were full of em. Azure Flash- A quick burst of cold wind in the area surrounding the player. Slender Mole- A katana that creates a small earth eruption 2 spaces ahead. Flambe Senbon- Small Shards of edged fire from the hand in a small linear wave. Kinesis Katar- A fist weapon consisting of a Psychic edge attatched to a neon glove. I've had tonsof practice with RPGs with RMXP, RMVX, and RMVXA. Gimme a shout if you need an extra hand in the item/skill department.
Theonethatloses 24 de ago. 2013 a las 5:24 
I've been playing a lot of classic rpgs and I've noticed that there is usually a boss that you can't defeat yet or it's like insta-kill like the huge pile of puke from earthbound and the Robot, like in Earthbound Zero so I was wondering if you were going to have something like that.
[=AWOL=] GodsAperture 24 de ago. 2013 a las 12:54 
Oh man that sounds like an epic challenge! They totally should! :o
The Lag Is Real 16 de dic. 2013 a las 13:19 
Add jobs and craftable system please its a good value in RPG.
Make this world free to visit since the level 1 as this players will have the feeling to be a part of this world. (For exemple Dark Souls)
Make a random donjon creator system.
And it will be perfect!
Eternal Paradox 26 de dic. 2013 a las 20:26 
I believe the game should have a higher tier of dificulty compared to may other games out there. I among many other players are sick and tired of playing games that are just too damn easy.
The Lag Is Real 27 de dic. 2013 a las 0:13 
I agree, I was surprised to see the difficulty of hammerwatch. Nicely surprised
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