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Secrets of Grindea
[OT]Nekrage 2 фев, 2013 в 12:23
Any ETA?
Anything on a possible quarter? Q1 Q2? 2013 is a bit to vague for me.
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Schattenphoenix 5 фев, 2013 в 15:12 
Better than Blizzard.
Its done when its done.
[OT]Nekrage 5 фев, 2013 в 16:13 
Ya that response wasnt old 10 years ago.
Deboralana 5 фев, 2013 в 19:38 
Chiro 6 фев, 2013 в 2:51 
well they said first in comes out in december, then said they it comes out after new year, januarly/february ... and now is it allready quarta 2? wtf ... i believe more and more that the game is a big joke and all the ppls who saying "i have a beta invite" are paid lairs to push this here ... its not nice to say 3 times that it comes then and then out but NOTHING really happens <_<
McToast 6 фев, 2013 в 15:02 
Grow up. Take a look @ their WiP and you'll quickly see that the game still needs a lot of work. I'd guess we won't see a release before Q3 2013. Maybe it will even get 2014. I have no problem with that, it's an indie game and those guys have only limited ressources.
the Toast
CrAnKeD 6 фев, 2013 в 19:16 
Be nice if the devs would respond here and just give some kind of estimate. I'm really looking forward to this game....
A Magic Rake 8 фев, 2013 в 6:56 
Calumon, its still Q1, Q2 isnt untill April......
banankungen 8 фев, 2013 в 14:05 
I have seen one of the developers ♥♥♥♥♥ when he was really drunk! He also is one of my best friends! hHAAHHA D:D::D:D
Caedes Ender [SOLDIER 1st Class] 11 фев, 2013 в 5:20 
Изначально опубликовано banankungen:
I have seen one of the developers ♥♥♥♥♥ when he was really drunk! He also is one of my best friends! hHAAHHA D:D::D:D

if thats true get him to come chat to us :D we need moar info! lol
Momizi Inubashiri 11 фев, 2013 в 19:10 
i remember they sead Q1 2013 so there you go
[WX]lukekido 12 фев, 2013 в 15:10 
Looks 15x nicer than Wanderlust:Rebirth =D
Diogo Candez 12 фев, 2013 в 22:14 
Someone asked this on their facebook they said it will be release on the 2nd half of this year. Too long =/
Dr Potato 13 фев, 2013 в 18:17 
ETA, when your balls drop! (Im just kidding, i just had to say that)
Douchlas 14 фев, 2013 в 4:54 
This takes actually alot thought through the entire thing.. it needs to be well done enough to be fun to play.. thats the good part!! a game shouldnt be rushed.. if its deleyed.. its deleyed for good reasons :) cant wait!
tastes like freedom... 14 фев, 2013 в 9:12 
lol @ all the impatient kiddos. Just go play another game for a few months and check back later.
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