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Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller
[POS]katiehal16  [sviluppatore] 2 ott 2012, ore 10:59
Season Pass Giveaway! [Oct. 15th deadline]
Our publisher, Reverb, has just announced that if Cognition is among the games greenlight on Oct. 15th, they'll be giving away 500 Season Passes for the game, free!

To be considered for one of the free season passes, just vote us up here on Steam Greenlight and Like the Reverb Facebook page!

And of course, help spread the word so we can be greenlit on Oct. 15th!
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anonynamja 2 ott 2012, ore 11:23 
done and done!
Egas, o grande 3 ott 2012, ore 4:07 
I know commenting does not help me winning but it doesn't unhelp :)
Allison Wonderland 3 ott 2012, ore 11:17 
Also done! Really looking forward to this game!
bunnymoon 5 ott 2012, ore 3:16 
So besides voting for this game and liking your facebook page, is that all. Because Ive done that already.
[POS]katiehal16  [sviluppatore] 5 ott 2012, ore 6:40 
That's all for the giveaway--though sharing the posts on FB & Twitter so others vote, too, can't hurt.

Thanks guy!
Azrael 5 ott 2012, ore 7:51 
I voted for the game, but I don't use, like and won't be using Facebook ever, so... yeah.
Good luck with the game! ;)
Kovaelin 5 ott 2012, ore 20:47 
Is it possible to enter without the facebooks? How about just sharing it through the twitters?
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[POS]katiehal16  [sviluppatore] 6 ott 2012, ore 8:30 
Sorry, it has to be a Like on the Reverb Facebook page :/
bunnymoon 7 ott 2012, ore 18:49 
Your link to facebook not working gives error "The page you requested was not found."
I spread the on facebook and via a forum I frequent.
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[POS]katiehal16  [sviluppatore] 8 ott 2012, ore 6:33 
I fixed that link--thanks for letting me know!
de4gLe 12 ott 2012, ore 11:07 
Done! Looks really nice :)
DON 12 ott 2012, ore 22:57 
done and shared!
[POS]katiehal16  [sviluppatore] 13 ott 2012, ore 9:39 
Thank you!
alex 13 ott 2012, ore 23:39 
Done :) Good luck , Looking forward for it since I finished Gray Matter
NekuGR 17 ott 2012, ore 16:38 
Done and backed too. ^^ Hope the game comes into greenlight because the shops it is avaible for pre order does not ship to EU.
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