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Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller
[POS]katiehal16  [Entwickler] 30. Aug. 2013 um 15:52 Uhr
UPDATE: Steam Keys for Single Episode Purchases, PLEASE READ!
Hello again everyone,

First, I want to say thanks for the feedback we’ve gotten on this situation. We took this back to Valve to see if there were better options available, and the good news is that we were able to find a situation that will work for everyone.

For those who have bought single episode in bundles or on our store, we WILL be able to provide keys to single episodes! These single episodes will be available when we launch on Steam, and we’ll be working with the bundle sites where the episodes were purchased (IGS, IndieRoyale, Groupees, etc) to get those keys to you. As well, we are sorry about the confusion and aggravation this caused, so we’ll be setting up those keys to include Episode 1 on Steam for everyone who bought any episode in a bundle, whether that was included or not. (Update: Please note that this offer extends to individual episode sales & bundle sales that began before this post, 8/30/13. Contact us for the keys at support@postudios.com.)

Of note, these keys are only for people who purchased individual episodes elsewhere—the game will still only be available for purchase as a full Season on Steam. And we will still be offering discount codes for the full Season Pass on Steam to anyone who owns individual episodes as well!

Thank you everyone for your patience while we worked this out, and again, if you have any other questions or concerns, please email me at katie@postudios.com.

Katie & Phoenix Online
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Idiotekque 30. Aug. 2013 um 15:55 Uhr 
Thanks Katie, props for listening to your fans.
ateeb 30. Aug. 2013 um 16:04 Uhr 
God Bless you, last post made me really upset. :squirtmeh:
MeVe 30. Aug. 2013 um 16:16 Uhr 
expire date on coupon? will they stack on future sales ( like steam winter sales ) ?
cesarbittar  [Entwickler] 30. Aug. 2013 um 16:49 Uhr 
I don't know if they'll stack naturally, but if you have a coupon and there's a sale currently, we can probably adjust your coupon to reflect the current sale. As far as expiration date, if for whatever reason it expires and you haven't used it, we'll give you another. We'll work on a case by case with you guys as much as we can.
thank god you fixed that,maybe i took it a little bit too seriously :/
I don't own any of your games, but reading something like this creates a lot of good will from my side. Keep up the great customer support!
diablogod420 30. Aug. 2013 um 19:00 Uhr 
Yea thanks for the great news and thank you for getting everything straightened out with Valve.
I hope you don't think we were trolls (ok maybe a couple people were.)
veritas1325 30. Aug. 2013 um 19:32 Uhr 
Great job, Katie. You guys have never been anything less than open and transparent and your customer support is unparalleled. Massive kudos to you. Now, about episode four...can I play it now, pretty please?
[POS]katiehal16  [Entwickler] 30. Aug. 2013 um 19:47 Uhr 
News on Episode 4 is coming soon! (as is the episode, for that matter)
nbajammer 30. Aug. 2013 um 23:08 Uhr 
Thank you for the update. I am sorry to have been so harsh but it really irked me the way it was handled. This, however, makes things right in my eyes.
Leaffar 31. Aug. 2013 um 1:20 Uhr 
Good to know you've sorted the problem out. Thank you for working on a much better (than coupon only) solution :)
leeps 31. Aug. 2013 um 2:06 Uhr 
Thank you very much!

As a reminder for everyone, if you can you should buy the season pass/upgrade from their site, I expect more of your money will actually reach Phoenix Online Studios. The prequel comic is also included :)
Thanks for this, you've handled it really well and I'll be sure to buy the full season, as well as gifting a few copies out. Lots of respect for listening to us :)
So... does that new Capsule Computers Bundle (Groupees)
also come with steam keys? :D:
The Sifu 31. Aug. 2013 um 9:26 Uhr 
Thank you for the update, this is a much better solution.
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