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Octodad: Dadliest Catch
PTibz  [geliştirici] 22 Eyl 2012 @ 10:03
One thing we're struggling a bit with here at Young Horses is figuring out how we can convey the story we're trying to tell you guys with Dadliest Catch without spoiling it too much before launch.

The problem right now is that we don't really have the funds to be able to bring voice talent in more than once, and so that leaves us with placeholder things via ourselves. We're not the best voice actors and so we've been trying to keep the story mostly internal for now.

We don't want to release something that doesn't match the kind of quality we'd like to reach because we think it'd reflect poorly on what we know the game will be when we're finished.

There are some hints at the tone and themes we'll be trying to present in the teaser trailer, but we didn't want it to be super forward.

What do you guys want to know and what do you think about what we've shown so far?
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in which season are you guys hoping this game will release?
PTibz  [geliştirici] 22 Eyl 2012 @ 11:47 
We're thinking mid-late 2013. We have some more specific dates in mind, but they're so likely to change that it would be silly to announce them.
I'm starting to think that the Chef has kidnapped Octodad's family, he must try to save them while trying to act as normal as possible to save them before he feeds them Octopus and Bananas. (That fiendish man!)
Do you really need (professional) voices for this game?

To be fair it has been over a year since I played Octodad, but what I remember of the voice-work was fine.

The old version managed to be one of the most emotional games I've personally played and hilarious to boot.

For example I usually fail intentionally to see how the story end that way, but I simply couldn’t bring myself to in Octodad.
Luthyr  [geliştirici] 24 Eyl 2012 @ 6:37 
The original did have professional voice actors. We had those hand-drawn cutscenes that we did at the last minute of the project that really added a lot to the game, even though they were done crudely and quickly. This time, though, the cutscenes will be animated in-engine.
Oh, my mistake, I thought the voices where volunteers in the original.

But I must admit I don't remember where I heard that.
Luthyr  [geliştirici] 24 Eyl 2012 @ 9:45 
Well, they were professional voice actors that volunteered their talent since it was a school project. But since we are making a professional version this time around, we'd have to pay them.
Ah, that explains it.

Thanks for the clarification.
Where is your studio located? If there is a nearby university with a decent theatre program you might be able to find some students with pretty good voice acting skills.
PTibz  [geliştirici] 25 Eyl 2012 @ 5:27 
We're located in Chicago, IL in the US. The voice overs were just an example of what we're currently missing in that regard. We also need to create cutscenes and various other things before we can release a story trailer or anything like that. We currently only have one artist who can do that and he's working on the architecture for various levels. We're only 8 guys and so we're stretched pretty thin as we all have multiple jobs.
I bet it s about octodad meeting his wife and various other men trying to get her
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