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Octodad: Dadliest Catch
Blockdude (Gt) 19. tammi 10.00
Furture games?
After the great and powerful Octodad is done, do you have plans to make a third one or a new game?
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Bearlover 19. tammi 10.02 
I would like if there was more octodad (first comment)
Luthyr  [kehittäjä] 19. tammi 10.04 
I think we'd like to try to do at least one completely new game after Octodad, though we will be supporting Dadliest Catch for quite a while first. A lot of us enjoy working on Octodad, but we don't necessarily want to be known as the studio that only made Octodad.

We have a lot of ideas and plans for content before we move on, though.
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Blockdude (Gt) 19. tammi 10.06 
Thanks, and thats all the info I need on the game, now all we do now is wait.
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