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Melody's Escape
Iwasawafag 3. loka, 2013 8.19
Audiosurf 2 trailer
I am not sure if I should create this topic here, but I didn't found any threads about this and I'd want to discuss it with community or somebody...

When I watched audiosurf 2 trailer, fragment at 0:36 took my attention. It looked sooooo fammiliar, just like someone stole someone's idea :v

What do you think?
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Iwasawafag; 3. loka, 2013 8.21
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Jack Atlas 3. loka, 2013 10.01 
I thought exactly the same which is why I'm here now. I wonder if Epsi knows about it...
Iwasawafag 5. loka, 2013 18.54 
Audiosurf 2 Blog lähetti viestin:
mode inspired by JumpDuck
oh sure, jumpduck looks just the same... (it's not)

upd: didn't notifced
> That game was actually called Twisted System, but we always called it JumpDuck
mkay, but still it looks more like Melody's escape as for me
[THA] Hamst3r 6. loka, 2013 12.09 
If you want to talk about rhythm-based running games where you jump over and slide under things, don't forget about Bit.Trip Runner. :)
+[SP]+ Kaede 9. loka, 2013 17.46 
It does look way too similar.
Jaybensan218 12. loka, 2013 20.04 
arg, this isnt good.....
Alexander230 16. loka, 2013 14.32 
I've played Audiosprint mode in Audiosurf 2. It differs from Melody's Escape because you have only to jump and duck there, without rhythm arrows.
DRAGON 19. loka, 2013 2.53 
Supreme Mooselord 20. loka, 2013 20.51 
Not really too concerning, imo. I played that, it's awful. It won't catch on.
^0DIABLO 8. joulu, 2013 13.02 
Wolfy The Fucking Techforcer 16. joulu, 2013 8.55 
The mode was horrid and broken and only has jumping and ducking, can't compare to this!
Djekiyosik 5. tammi 10.35 
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