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rexdino5 29 жов 2012 о 13:57
Build Mode
Will this game support a world editor/maker to create games with ease? As if this were possible, many users would be able to create infinite amount of maps.
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noms || Angry Engineers  [розробник] 30 жов 2012 о 15:07 
We're going to actively encourage modding and map creation, but the tools may take a while longer to release than the actual game.
Hekantonkheries 8 лис 2012 о 20:53 
hmm, right, well, if there IS a map-editor planned, would it be possible to make games with higher populations to the server? like say a massive station that requires several teams of players to successfully control.

figure security would be a pretty boring job without a good force of minions and officers to roder around, and a large chunk more players to try and police. nothing better then ordering all crew members to their quarters for security lockdown, only to find that ONE room where the crewmember DIDNT report, 5 secodns later airlocks all over the station open, then the last shuttle/escape pod etc leaves the station.

*edit* now that i think about it, hilariously, this game will most often end up like Deep Space 9 if it was written by the guys who made the SAW movies. Man, its good i honed my sociopathic tendencies with EvE Online for so long.
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HellaJeffman12 11 лис 2012 о 13:55 
I think a bigger question is if the map editor will be template based, everything by hand, or a mixture of both. Timesplitters: Future Perfect had a very intuitive level design system, but user created maps were very grid oriented and lacking in detail, scripting however made up for that with how simple it was dispite being so robust in function.
Kamsko 6 гру 2012 о 18:19 
What if instead of a level editor you gave us the ability to build stuff in game?
with tools and stuff. Feel like having a new wing to the station? EVA and go build it! Gives so many more opportunities for things to go horribly wrong. Win win am I right?
Morthic Pooreman 9 гру 2012 о 19:46 
Цитата допису CommissarKamsko:
What if instead of a level editor you gave us the ability to build stuff in game?
with tools and stuff. Feel like having a new wing to the station? EVA and go build it! Gives so many more opportunities for things to go horribly wrong. Win win am I right?
I agree with this, that would be great. The game should still have a level editor though.
Saelac[ßŦ]R 1 лют 2013 о 13:45 
I would want the game before a level editor and with a level editor it makes it overly easy for the maker of the level because they will know where stuff is before anyone else does, setting them up with an advantage over other people... On the upside it would be cool to make your own lil station :P
noms || Angry Engineers  [розробник] 11 лют 2013 о 8:03 
After our initial release we hope to expand on constructive options within the game to allow for both of these options to become reality - both in game construction for specific rounds or timeframes, and actual map editing for those wishing to create an entire station and mode from scratch.
Dr.Kazuo 14 кві 2013 о 18:43 
You should make the level editor like starforge where the wall have alot of details, and not only that, you should also put centration in the steam workshop where we can make an endless possibility, and the best part is that, with the steam workshop, poeple can make things for the level editor which can improve or fix it or make it better and if you like it you can make it officail too, so it is a win win situation where both creator and produce gets credit and many poeple would like it and the game would spread. also i brought the digital deluxe edition from your website and i want to ask if centration was to be released on steam but i already brought it from your website, will i still get it in my steam libary or will it be like combat arms on steam where when you tried to play it, it is connecteted to the web site so the data or information can be trasfered or do i have to rebuy centration which i don't want to do.
Dr.Kazuo 20 кві 2013 о 11:59 
i was thinking like a mode where two ships are fighting each other or invading or capturing a ship like space pirates, and that is where the group goes into play, and will their be space helmets so you can go out to space or is it all in the ship?
rexdino5 2 чер 2013 о 21:52 
One thing that should absolutely be added to a map editor/station editor is to add a copyright option. This would allow the Author of the Map to select whether other people can edit their map or not. This would prevent map thievery as I hate when that happens to great maps.
Dr.Kazuo 4 чер 2013 о 11:18 
@rexdino5 i agree with you, with that we can improve maps and help the editor when he is too lazy himself lol.
iMDDD 12 чер 2013 о 14:12 
It's would be nice.
erick`` x_X 26 чер 2013 о 12:01 
rs ^^
◄Burntwater► 28 чер 2013 о 19:35 
This game looks awesome :D, cant wait to try it out.
Dr.Kazuo 4 лип 2013 о 19:21 
can we do like a whole univers, where there is going to be a many presidents and people fighting for control like the military vs rebels and there be black market dealer and agents and mercs everywhere or a whole planet that has a peaceful truce where we can relax and buy stuff.
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