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§@Sleepingeek@§ Oct 25, 2013 @ 1:50pm
OMG This + a Necromorph/ Alien infestation mod !!!!!!!!!!!! Just immagine someone creates this kind of mod : at some point , without warning anybody , the admin triggers the Necromorprh/Alien/whatever infestation at a randomn location in the station . A determined number of IA-controlled aliens begins to slaughter the crew and once you die , you become one of them !!! The goal would be to escape with the escape pods , BUT there are only lets say 10 of them for 40-50 players!!!! Not only you'll have to escape , but you'll have to kill/betray anybody on your way ! And itwouldn't be the only option for the players : survivors who wouldn't be able to escape would have a few choices : they can try to kill every aliens on the station , they can blow it up , or they can build another little ship in order to escape ( in that case , they 'd have to collect piece of ships at different places, and even that ship would have limited sits in it , so again , players must kill each other in order to survive , but they're force to work together ) !!!!

I know the game isn't even released but it think this kind of mod would be totally awesome !!!!

What do you think ?

( sorry for my bad english )
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Six Feb 2 @ 6:55am 
Dead space +1
Dead space is a great game, but what if they are already adding some kind of alien AI into the game ;D
Dr. Alexshreds Mar 15 @ 7:02pm 
In the original SS13 (which is what this game is being moderately based off of), there was an admin or science triggered event that was pretty much a copy off of Aliens. Someone would have a chest buster lodged in them and could evolve from a baby worm->Drone->Queen-> Empress. You could choose to be a drone, hunter or sentinel each with their own abilities. The queen and emperess could lay eggs and all the other aliens could place alien weeds that would slowly grow over the station.

Anyway, it would be cool if the devs or a private source could impliment that same kind of system. However, this would obviously be a long term goal far in the future.
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