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DLC Quest
Jarvis Shabooty Pak 2013. jan. 15. @ du. 2:35
does Mr Kane know he got greenlight? I want this game bro!
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Bender 2013. jan. 16. @ de. 6:50 
Klutzleo 2013. jan. 16. @ du. 6:55 
Just found this....bring forth this game
Ninto55 2013. jan. 17. @ du. 5:03 
I've been waiting on this for a while, amazed it took so long.

I'm not sure if I've made the realization that I'll finally be able to play one of Ben's games.

Finish the second quest and release this game allready, Ben! Hope this does well.
jam 2013. febr. 5. @ du. 12:02 
the game has been greened. please give us now e_e lol
Ninto55 2013. febr. 5. @ du. 1:04 
Jellysoda, he's working on a sequel. He plans to release it seperatly for Xbox Indie Games (DLC quest has been on there for a while), and he's putting it on this one tacked with it. Think of it as DLC though, not a sequel. The game will cost $2 and will come with both. He'll release it when he finishes the extra game. Hes said he is almost done.
TheDedBox 2013. febr. 5. @ du. 7:48 
Eh. I couldn't wait. I just bought it on the Mac App Store.
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