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Zee, It's Batuman 16 okt 2012 om 10:32vm
People playing :)
If you want to find someone from ingame on steam you should do it here :)
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Jew_Santa 13 nov 2012 om 10:45nm 
People do not playing, that's problem. Number of players on first server vary between 0-20. Other 3 servers are mostly empty all the time.
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Captain Spastro 14 nov 2012 om 2:15vm 
Well, that's an improvement at least.
Before this was on greenlight you could be happy if there were players at all, the servers were empty most of the time
Zee, It's Batuman 14 nov 2012 om 5:01vm 
that's funny, i could always find people.. could the bug with the cannon perks (that has been fixed) have scared people away? :)
♕ EatMyGunz ♕ 17 nov 2012 om 9:25nm 
ok all u everone in FPS Games Are Rpg tht it
Among the Marked.j2 28 nov 2012 om 1:47nm 
I played in beta for awhile, was mainly foreign servers; usually would have many people, but on occasion dwindle down to very few. For this, we shall see. This game must get players to enjoy the great team based experience!
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