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Благодарим Ви за помощта с избора тази игра да бъде чрез Steam. Още информация, включително и връзка към страницата в магазина, може да бъде намерена по-долу.

Linux Support?
With Steam for Linux coming out, adding Linux support would be awesome!
If something is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X, then it tends to be compatible with Linux.
In other words...give it Linux support and I'll buy it ;-)
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h11 28 октомври 2012 в 12:23 следобед 
I would even pay an extra 10 or 15 bucks for linux!, which I am switiching to sometime next month.
samread  [разработчик] 4 ноември 2012 в 3:32 сутринта 
We are looking into this as we would love to be able to support it but currently are only supporting Mac and PC, but stay tuned.
man, I would love to have more games on linux
blackus 18 ноември 2012 в 11:52 сутринта 
I'd buy this game as well if it would be supported on linux :)
Sad days yet again for Linux :( Hurts to see mac especially get it and not us.
Would like to see linux, too :-)
Lumen 7 декември 2012 в 10:52 сутринта 
Take muh money and make this happen!
Get it done please :)
OctalPony 18 декември 2012 в 8:06 следобед 
I would also purchase this if/when it comes out on Linux :-)
GWT 18 декември 2012 в 9:22 следобед 
i wonder if we will ever live in a world where the marketing of games goes like this linux, Mac, Pc
Kupiakos 19 декември 2012 в 8:13 следобед 
@GWT I'd say around the Windows 12 era.
This is a +1 for Linux, please.
I'd also like to see a Linux version!
Carioca 2 декември 2013 в 3:44 следобед 
SteamOS is coming
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