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Signal Ops
Necroscourge Oct 20, 2012 @ 10:20am
About the second video
So I watched the gameplay video, there are a few nitpicks I have. Part of it was because I was not actually playing it but the weapons just felt like they didn't have any weight to them, with the comical "pachew pachew" sounds, and way the enemy blinks red when they are shot; there is something missing there but for the life of me I can't figure it out.

All of the enemies seemed to dress dark, or it was otherwise very difficult to identify them as enemies. Especially indoors where it was much darker, and it does not help that the team dresses dark as well. I was having a hard time following what was happening as I wanted to look at the big screen but all of the actual killing was getting done by scope, add in the confusion when the Wrench player would see somebody and ignore them, yet I would hear gunshots (probably from another characters "audio feed") and not be sure if the contact was hostile or not. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the chatoic "heist gone wrong" feel of the game when that situation arises.

I don't like the way static flashes on the screen when the character is hit, which is usually what I would think would happen if the character were shocked, not shot. And the enemies seemed to just not talk that much, adding to the issues with me not being able recognize them quickly.

Nitpicks aside, I keep trying to shove money in my computer but it's not working.
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aphex_guy  [developer] Oct 20, 2012 @ 5:06pm 
Hey Necroscourge,

First off thanks for taking the time to write up a more in-depth critique of this latest Signal Ops video. We appreciate feedback in all it's forms, and like to encourage a dialog with our audience so that we can improve our game. I'd like to address some of the issues you raise regarding our video because you bring up some valid points.

On the point of the enemies' appearance, I will readily agree that on the current iteration the enemies blend too well into the background. There are many reasons for this, but the takeaway here is that we will be addressing this in the future still, so we'll definitely keep visibility in mind. About the sounds, the environment's audio is transmitted from the current agent you have selected. In the case of wrench being shot at it was me merely avoiding conflict at that moment and running away. The way our audio works is that agent order feedback from others will come through sounding like on a walkie talkie while your active agent's audio is louder and clearer, so you can tell if its you being shot at.

The static on your agent's monitors is a deliberate effect that deserves some time to elaborate on. The static you see when an agent is shot at is meant to give you as a player feedback. It is done this way so that when you are looking at another agent you can tell when your men are being attacked. It is also used as a form of suppression. The player is encouraged to use the multiple agents at their disposal, so that when one agent is being fired upon and supressed, the player can switch to another agent and address the attacker rather than goin "commando" with the supressed agent. Finally, because we feel health bars aren't a good fit for Signal Ops we also use the static to indicate and agent's status. As an agent takes damage, so too does their equipment, and the video feed becomes more distorted, similar to an old VHS taping.

Thanks again for the feedback, I hope I have answered your questions.
Michael Nov 2, 2012 @ 5:42am 
I second some of the OP's opinions.

I think the game looks really interesting, but the FPS mechanics, at least as far as you can tell from watching a gameplay video, seem to let it down a little bit.

I like the art style and characters you've created and the level. The concept of the game seems really interesting, but the death animations, weapons shown and shooting mechanics didn't seem to live up to the potential the initial part of the video created.

That said, I've done a thumbs up because it's a WIP and I think if you realise the potential it'll be worth buying.
aphex_guy  [developer] Apr 20, 2013 @ 11:32am 
I think the main confusion seems to stem from people judging this game as FPS-first, rather than the strategy/stealth/tacticle game that it actually is. The focus for us is to provide the player with a very slow-paced, methodical game that uses shooting and the mechanics associated with FPS as a last resort, not first.

We realise this may be confusing given that the particular mission we showcase is more action orientated, but please understand that this was done in order to show more exciting footage. The meat of Signal Op's gameplay lies in strategy, and we will do our best going forward to expose this to the public.
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