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Sang-Froid : Tales of Werewolves
soh_cah_toa 2012. nov. 30. @ du. 10:27
Congratulations! Greenlight was a success!
The traffic light has just turned green! Honk honk! Sang-Froid was sitting at that intersection for a while but it doesn't matter anymore. I'm really happy for you guys at Artifice Studios. Go out and celebrate this weekend. It is well deserved.

I remember Sang-Froid being one of the first few Greenlight games I voted on and up until then, I wasn't too into indie games. After seeing Sang-Froid and the men behind it, I had a new found appreciation for the indie gaming world. Now I live for it. No joke.

You can bet I'll be one of the first few buyers upon release (once my wallet recovers from the Autumn Sale). Now if only there were a way for me to show my Sang-Froid pride in TF2 hat form... <hint> <hint>
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h11 2012. dec. 1. @ du. 3:18 
Congrats from me too! This game is unique and looks great. I will buy this the day it gets on Steam. Great Job to the Devs!
Dryden 2012. dec. 1. @ du. 8:18 
I'm really glad that this game got greenlighted, especially since I voted for it.

I'm still not convinced that the game won't become way too frantic while you attempt to save building, but lets just hope that it's the good kind of frantically running around.
royerchr 2012. dec. 2. @ de. 10:45 
J'ai bien hâte de jouer à ce jeu dans le temps de Noël (je l'espère)!!!
Really looking forward to play this game during Christmas vacation!!
Harmonica 2012. dec. 2. @ de. 11:08 
Echoing those congratulations. I am sure they will make an official post at some point. One of the first games I voted up when Greenlight arrived and I will buy this the day it releases!
Chico Toiço 2012. dec. 2. @ du. 1:49 
I've been tracking the progress of this game and i can say that this is the most original game on all greenlight, and it's story seems to be really awesome, also, the fact that they use historical weapons and stuff makes this game be the best of all greenlight, at least for me. This is one of the few games I really think should be here. Congrats Artifice Studio, for making one damn awesome game!
Haphazard Humanity 2012. dec. 2. @ du. 9:58 
Woot! Gratz! Where do I put the money?
Detective Jana 2012. dec. 3. @ de. 8:42 
Awesome :D I hoped the game would get greenlighted. Congrats, you really deserve it. I can't wait to play the game :)
Zephire 2012. dec. 3. @ de. 9:35 
Nice one! All up for this one!
bentongrey 2012. dec. 3. @ du. 6:54 
Hurray! I was pulling for y'all! This is definitely on my list. I can't wait!
Tech354 2012. dec. 6. @ de. 10:51 
J'ai bien hâte de jouer à Sang-Froid
ginomebhoy 2012. dec. 6. @ du. 1:03 
Well done to all. Looking forward to release day.
Mr Bear Hat 2012. dec. 7. @ de. 2:26 
yay finally this game has been greenlit i am so happy i have always wanted this game greenlit

congratulations Artiface Studios
Blitzkriegman 2012. dec. 7. @ de. 7:59 
Congratulations! I'am Buying this right when it comes out.
deadmanfrank 2012. dec. 9. @ du. 7:48 
Maintenant quelle est la date de sortie? J'ai vraiment hâte d'y jouer!
Mathroy 2012. dec. 14. @ du. 11:36 
J'ai hâte aussi! Attendez juste un peu plus les amis!
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