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Dziękujemy za twoją pomoc w wyborze tej gry do dystrybucji na Steam. Więcej informacji i link do Sklepu Steam znajdziesz poniżej.

Greenlight zostało wycofane. Więcej informacji o tym, jak wydawać gry na Steam znajdziesz w tym wpisie na blogu.
Jewvia 4 października 2012 o 19:35
What the hell is Pewdiepie?
And why is everyone complaining about this being upvoted because of it?
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And The Dirt Is Gone! 4 października 2012 o 22:03 
Because he is the reason 70% of people voted this up. 10% were people who somehow liked the game and others who just voted it up to prank Steam and Greenlight (To put the bad games on Steam while the good ones get left out) And 20% of the reason was because you have to buy it so Valve makes money, Plus it was already finished.

A shame to see that this is the first released game on Greenlight.
Pewdiepie is a massive ego youtuber.
He just yells at the camera and plays fad games (Amnesia, happy wheels...etc)
Plus the community tried to blaze Totalbiscuit for being 1st place in king of the web.
Jewvia 5 października 2012 o 13:41 
Alright, I guess these are the best answers I'm going to get... Just putting it out there, I guess I'm part of the 10% that like this game. Oh well, to each their own.
PlayStar 5 października 2012 o 15:23 
I honestly like this game. Sorry boys, not everybody has the same taste. Also Call of Battlefield can suck my lollipop dispenser.
Hal Howard 6 października 2012 o 19:43 
i found out about this game cause of Jesse Cox
dinamiku 8 października 2012 o 7:07 
He's a major ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Duski 9 października 2012 o 12:08 
Pewdiepie is some person who is a manchild and thinks he is funny. There ya go.

Dont forget that he's acting ultra gay without (apparently) being gay. Gotta love these kind of people.
Stale Bread 9 października 2012 o 21:54 
He's a Youtuber. And also, it isn't all because of Pewdie that this was Greenlit, Jesse Cox played this before him. And I think a lot of people legitimately liked this and wanted to buy and play it.
Gornax 13 października 2012 o 18:21 
Pewdiepie is a hilarious Swedish commentator, if you havent already go watch him now. JOIN THE BRO ARMY
Cxero 13 października 2012 o 20:40 
somone who cant spell pew or die
DONALD TRUMP 2016 14 października 2012 o 5:44 
Hopefully Yogadventures is not greenlit but it will happen very soon. (as i can see)
Sean 15 października 2012 o 3:53 
Pewdiepie is a hilarious Swedish commentator, if you havent already go watch him now. JOIN THE BRO ARMY
[ShadowHowl] 18 października 2012 o 3:36 
Y.T. 21 października 2012 o 15:21 
do you belong to the barrels??
Duski 22 października 2012 o 8:08 
do you belong to the barrels??

Would you people please enlighten us what the hell a "Barrel" is? (other than a hollow cylindrical container)
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