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Mutant Mudds
Think Tank 28 aug 2013 om 10:22vm
Cards, Emoticons and Backgrounds
Will trading cards be enabled for the game?
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coldpretzels 2 sep 2013 om 6:17nm 
They would have to find a graphic designer.
no0b_101 5 sep 2013 om 12:10vm 
Game looks a little bit to. . . . . different for me
HaVoK308 28 sep 2013 om 8:51nm 
I sure there are hundrends of fans who would do the Art for Trading Cards, for free. This is a Steam release, so I am hoping/expecting Trading Cards/Achievements/Workshop. Reasons I typically wait for Steam releases.
Megamii 15 okt 2013 om 9:28nm 
I would be more than happy to work with cards for this game, I loved this on my 3DS, I would be ecstatic to be able to help out Renegade Kid in ANY way possible with this amazing game, pity I took so long to see it was actually comin to Steam.
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