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Team Fortress 2

Award of Zeus
Broce Lee Aug 4, 2013 @ 7:20pm
all electrics in the area turn of for 10 seconds and takes 10% cloek away
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O.M.3 @ Work Dec 23, 2014 @ 3:57am 
The Pros :

on Backstab , Give U Speed Of The Same Speed When You Get Hit By The Disciplinary Action For 3 Seconds


The Cons :

Your Speed Will Be Like Demoman Speed , All The Time

The Cloake And Dagger Will Decreases So Fast While You On Speed
"Gotta go as fast as lightening."


upon back stab guns and building near by don't work for 5 seconds
+45% movement speed
+25% weapon changing speed
if it regularly stabs an opponent (fail stab) it stops guns from working on them for 5 seconds (note this doesn't include melee weapons)
+15% disguiesing speed and cloak speed
+30% attack speed
+10% cloak regen. speed

-30% damage
no random crits
magnetic (rockets and bullets bend slightly toward you) unless cloaked
-15% bullet resistance
-15% fire resistance
-15% after burn resistance
-15% blast resistance
-25 base health
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