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ΣR|ℜoxies May 21, 2014 @ 1:01am
Let me explain something about mods, file bloating, save game data, and in-game editing.
Let me just get it out of the way and be as honest as possible, every single one of you that installed this, or any other "data heavy" mods like this mod, has a certain inevitably unalterable amount of time left before you're going to need to reinstall skyrim completely.

This game by itself; causes constant bloating to game files even without mods, regardless of the authors "fix". Any mod that causes constant bloating will -- when stacked with other mods, eventually cause your game to reach its limit for kernals, I;E internal save-game memory, in which no matter what you do, you will always seem to crash around the same amount of in-game time, even if you remove all your mods, you'll still crash once you've hit a certain amount of in game time, like for instance, even if you load a game literally hundreds of hours back, and play from there, you WILL crash after the same amount of time has passed that meets up with the same time you previously crashed.

In order to avoid it altogether, you need a lot of Co-Processors, heavy RAM, heavy MEMORY, and settings (graphically) on the lowest possible -- to reduce in-game save data corruption and hard-drive stress.

The crash is not because of mod incompatibilities, but is rather because of the KB's in your saved filed continually increasing over time to the point where -- when your game loads -- it takes longer for your system to load all the KB's than is possible for your game itself to load every feature -- roads, fixtures, grass, enemies, etc etc -- and by the time it catches up, your game has already "hung" aka crashed.

If anyone wants to know more, just PM me.

This mod is "safe" as a stand alone mod with maybe 6 at maximum, possibly 8 -- other mods that not only don't touch the same files, but are nowhere near them. Like galaxies apart in terms of file alterations and data modification. Every time you hear a sound made while in game, it's cached to your in-game kernel.

The only really safe mods are mods that do one thing, one time, and stop working thereafter.

Weapon mods, Action mods (poses, positions) Follower interactions, Spell mods, Altered appearance mods, and mods that do not require a complete load of new areas and can load areas quickly off of memory when the box for 8 "- check for one handed equipped"
|"Player has X/Y"
|"Player has previously visited 0 /1" [ X ]
|" 0.0 "
|"Player Is not sneaking"
|"Left hand empty"
Is checked, causing your mods to load prematurly instead of needing to load a new instance each time. The reason this mod would of been considered "bugged" before cliffworms "fix" is because the voices, and sound effects heard, are not stacked voices, however they do repeat and therefore each sound effect has an instance of it's own KB which pile up quickly when they play in tandem.

I know, because I've worked on -- and failed horribly at, 4 different sound mods. It may seem simple enough, but sound mods are considered some of the most difficult mods to make. It's not easy as recording a sound clip, and uploading the file to the skyrim.ini file directory using an binary zip unloader / hex editor especially if you're using TES5Edit+ or SkyProc

It's best to stick with the simple ♥♥♥♥. The Creation Kit, but sound files are weird. Not hard, just weird.

Anyway, sorry for ranting I guess? Hope this helped some people understand any issues they may be having a bit better. I'm sure Cliffworms already knows all this and is just too lazy to go into detail or explain any of it, plus, and besides, if you're downloading mods, you should at least have SOME knowledge about how they work, and not be 100% noobs at this ♥♥♥♥ and even moreso you should also know why load order is important when dealing with mods.

The VERY next thing in level of importance aside from the mod itself that you're installing -- is in which order it's loaded in your directory, and unless you install it manually and don't use the skyrimnexus mod manager and are using the steam mod auto-install sub directory located in the skyrim startup, this mod should ALWAYS be loaded last.

The best thing to do (last paragraph, promise), is to find your saved games folder under your "user" area in your C: drive, find your skyrim folder, and right click it and make a shortcut to it so you can monitor it from your desktop and keep an eye on your savegame bloating, so you know exactly how many KB's your increasing per game session every session until you start crashing repeatdly and end up having to reinstall -- that way you'll know upon reinstallation which mod truly is incompatible / which mod is fukk'n up your ♥♥♥♥.
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