Magic Duel
Chewbacca, O Consultor Jequiti 2013年12月30日 14時22分
New character
When you create another char, you won't get the book. The duels work fine and such, for me the item ID is enough, but it would be nice to fix it.
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Runereader74 2014年1月23日 6時03分 
will i have to start a new game for this mod to take effect?
Chewbacca, O Consultor Jequiti 2014年1月23日 8時00分 
No, but you won't get the book. Just load the character with the book if you want to change the settings.
Ima dude who lieks trains 2014年3月22日 11時19分 
what is the ID for the book?
Chewbacca, O Consultor Jequiti 2014年3月22日 14時55分 
Nobody knows, except the owner of the mod.
Jtoomer 2014年7月11日 13時33分 
When i started the game with this mod i did not get the book and so far none of my characters have ever gotten it. If someone could tell me what the book is called i could get the ID using the "help" command.
DisfrozenCannon 2014年12月24日 8時34分 
type in the console:
help "magic duel"

include the quotations because if you don't, the game will only register the word magic
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