Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
Ilrita 2013年9月27日下午3:14
Does it glow when Orcs are around? That would be really awesome. lol
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Nighthawk 2013年9月28日上午6:32 
I can't even find sting.
Ilrita 2013年9月28日下午9:35 
You have to make Sting, don't you? Otherwise, the mod says Eorlund sells some of the weapons. He might have Sting.
Wolfman 2013年12月8日上午9:02 
I can`t find Sting too. Eorlund dosen`t sell it.
Ilrita 2013年12月8日下午1:43 
Then it might need to be forged at the Moonforge.
Dirtyshizno 2013年12月26日下午1:03 
Im sure there are two versions of it, aka one of it before bilbo has named it and one after. Maybe i just enchanted one and my minds is playing tricks.
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