Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
Evilsouls 2013年9月21日下午1:18
When i was watching LOTR, i happened to see a flail, wielded by (if i remember correctly) a Nazgul, as i watched it some time ago i forgot what it was called, but the flail looked quite nice, maybe you could think about making it and adding it to this mod? I think it would be a nice addition to this mod. If you could think about my suggestion that would be nice, or if its too much just ignore it. Thanks!
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LordMustang 2013年10月6日下午12:00 
Yes its my flail
Lucius Junius Aemilianus 2013年10月21日上午10:28 
Yes, you are right its a very nice flail but i don´ t think that you can make flails at skyrim
Theodamus 2013年10月22日下午6:04 
Yeah pretty sure jigglebones are super hard to make in skyrim
Theodamus 2013年10月22日下午6:04 
but great idea
Dontmakelemonade 2013年10月22日下午6:57 
can you make the elven bow based off one of the normal recurve bows? There is a difference. I tested it :) recurve bows have longer range.
dostoevskyND 2013年11月10日上午3:50 
where is Gimly's AXE!?!?!?
KomodoDragonborn 2013年11月13日上午9:05 
I want to see aragorn's strider sword
MacNille 2013年11月27日上午9:43 
I wanna see Boromir sword.
Nachobama 2013年12月15日上午6:25 
Where the ♥♥♥♥ is the one ring to rule them all
Nachobama 2013年12月15日上午6:25 
That should be there in any LOTR collection really
FlatLine 2013年12月28日上午9:15 
Someone should put this into game. Its very much awesome.
Funky Jew 2013年12月29日下午7:12 
It's great
skogg314 2014年1月1日上午8:07 
Any plans for the weapons from the Hobbit?
YahooYann <3 Ciri 2014年1月4日下午9:33 
should do a hobbit set
Loki 2014年1月5日下午6:09 
Anyway you could make Arwen's sword?
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