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Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
Evilsouls 2013年9月21日 13時18分
When i was watching LOTR, i happened to see a flail, wielded by (if i remember correctly) a Nazgul, as i watched it some time ago i forgot what it was called, but the flail looked quite nice, maybe you could think about making it and adding it to this mod? I think it would be a nice addition to this mod. If you could think about my suggestion that would be nice, or if its too much just ignore it. Thanks!
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LordMustang 2013年10月6日 12時00分 
Yes its my flail
Lucius Junius Aemilianus 2013年10月21日 10時28分 
Yes, you are right its a very nice flail but i don´ t think that you can make flails at skyrim
Theodamus 2013年10月22日 18時04分 
Yeah pretty sure jigglebones are super hard to make in skyrim
Theodamus 2013年10月22日 18時04分 
but great idea
Dontmakelemonade 2013年10月22日 18時57分 
can you make the elven bow based off one of the normal recurve bows? There is a difference. I tested it :) recurve bows have longer range.
dostoevskyND 2013年11月10日 3時50分 
where is Gimly's AXE!?!?!?
KomodoDragonborn 2013年11月13日 9時05分 
I want to see aragorn's strider sword
MacNille 2013年11月27日 9時43分 
I wanna see Boromir sword.
NachoMacho 2013年12月15日 6時25分 
Where the ♥♥♥♥ is the one ring to rule them all
NachoMacho 2013年12月15日 6時25分 
That should be there in any LOTR collection really
FlatLine 2013年12月28日 9時15分 
Someone should put this into game. Its very much awesome.
Funky Jew 2013年12月29日 19時12分 
It's great
skogg314 2014年1月1日 8時07分 
Any plans for the weapons from the Hobbit?
YahooYann 2014年1月4日 21時33分 
should do a hobbit set
Archangel 2014年1月5日 18時09分 
Anyway you could make Arwen's sword?
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