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Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
Carter4745 2014年1月14日下午10:14
new mod request
Hey, I was looking through my mods and thought that you would be the best to ask for this. I was trying to make a mod that allows you to store your one handed weapons and shields on your back when you have them equipped, but I coudn't quite get all the settings right. So i decided you made the best of my downloaded mods and thought you'd be the right person to ask. So do you think you try and make that?
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PFM || jhonny 2014年1月19日下午6:36 
WhiteRavenX 2014年1月20日下午2:32 
wow that would be a seriously cooler idea than wearing your schield on hand and sword on side. thing,nice!
Carter4745 2014年1月20日下午5:08 
yeah, i found a mod for the same sort of thing on nexus, but whenever i download a nexus mod it messes up my game. So I'm hoping somebody would know how to make a one handed crossed sheathes on your back mod for steam. I just can't get it right.
Morpheus 2014年1月21日下午1:23 
this would be so great! *.* I searched a long time for a mod like this.
SWEG_Doge 2014年2月24日下午7:49 
Dual Sheath Redux, on the nexus. How is it messing up your game? did you make sure to install SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) also?
Carter4745 2014年2月28日下午10:27 
yes i did, but then it said that needed to be updated and the update kept making my computer crash
ALDERSONI 2014年4月20日上午11:07 
LOTR armor mod u need to make one

matwest 2014年5月8日下午2:23 
caan you make Orcrist
matwest 2014年5月8日下午2:23 
Soldrune ( Secret Pikachu ) 2014年6月11日下午9:54 

riverleask 2014年6月16日上午11:49 
Dual Sheath Redux gives me the same problems even with SKSE... I definitely agree with Carter4745. If a mod for cross-sheathed 1H weapons could be made, that would be awesome! :D
SWEG_Doge 2014年6月16日下午3:22 
I don't know what problems you're all having with dual sheath redux, it's never caused any for me. Did you use immersive animations with Dual Sheath? That's what I do.
Wifflepittons 2014年6月24日下午1:41 
you should make a pack of your own artifacts in there own special places
Brizeso 2014年8月16日上午9:55 
You need to install fores new idles, xp32 maximum skeleton immersive animations for rhis mod. Read the instructions it says it
Brizeso 2014年8月16日上午9:56 
Or just watch gopher's video on youtube
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