Ethic and Government Rebuild
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petruxa  [developer] Jul 17, 2016 @ 11:50pm

This mod introduces the following

1. Reformed Ethical Wheel:

1) The existing "Collectivist - Individualist" conception was changed, initial single scale has been transformed into 2 different orthogonal scales: "Collectivist - Individualist" (economical values) and "Authoritarian - Libertarian" (social values).

2) 3 new additional Ethical scales:

Ecologist - Industrialist
Isolationist - Expansionist
Elitist - Egalitarian

The total number of available Ethic Points now is 5.
Also, some minor changes were made to vanilla Ethics.

2. 9 new Policy Branches: Economy, Environmental Regulation, National Politics, Foreign Policy, Social Values, Bureaucracy, Ideology, Prodiction Focus, Cultural Aspiration

3. 3 new AI Personalities: "Utopia Builders", "Aggressive Expansionist" and "Paranoid Isolationists" + some appropriate changes to vanilla's.

4. 21 new Government forms + some balancing changes to vanilla Governments.

5. 3 new special Traits.

6. A couple of new very special Strategic Resources.

7. Some new technologies, buildings, edicts and etc.



The problem with this scale, as I believe, was that the developers tried to reflect Socio-Economic model with just one scale, which, in my opinion, is not quite accurate.

I personally prefer the next representation of political compass

The idea was to implement this model, in order to make the game more - well, not REAL, because obviously the reality is much more complicated thing, but at least more interesting and diversified.

So, the initial single scale was transformed into two different orthogonal scales:

1) AUTHORITARIAN - LIBERTARIAN, which is supposed to reflect Social values, dominating in the society, providing you with Autocratic or Democratic government choices.


LIBERTARIAN stands for Efficiency and Freedom

+3/10% energy
+5/10% hapiness
+10/30% migration speed
-33/100% slavery

AUTHORITARIAN stands for Unification, Subjugation and Big Bureaucracy

-5/15% ethic divergence
+10/20% influence
+33/100% slavery

IMPORTANT! Now, in order to chose Democratic government you HAVE to pick "Libertarian" ethic, and to chose Autocratic - "Authoritarian". So, by default the only available form of Government is oligarchy.

2) COLLECTIVIST - INDIVIDUALIST, which now reflects ONLY economical values

Economic INDIVIDUALISM stands for pro-market ideology, allowing you to set "Market" economic policies.

Building "Galactic Stock Exchange" now only available for INDIVIDUALIST ethic.

Edict "Grassroots Administration" now only available for INDIVIDUALIST and LIBERTARIAN ethic.

Ecomomic COLLECTIVISM stands for pro-wellfare ideology, allowing you to set "Welfare" economic policies.

Edict "Social Welfare Programs" now only available for COLLECTIVIST ethic.

COLLECTIVISTs got 2 special buildings: Ministry of Social Equality (Growth, Happiness Influence, empire unique) and Wellfare Center (Food, Habitability, planetary unique).

*See the section about Policies for more information regarding Economy.

2. Three new ideological scales have been added


In my opinion it's ashame that such interesting thing as "environmental factor" was missed by the dev's team.

So, this new ethical scale is supposed to reflect the "environmental awareness" of your society. Basically,

"ECOLOGISTS" get habitability bonus - as they care a lot about planet's ecology, biodiversity and all these kinds of stuff.
They get special building "Bio-processing Plant" (average amount of Energy and Food, can be built only on a Food tile) and special edict "Doctrine: Clean Air".

"INDUSTRIALISTS" get construction speed bonus, both buildings and ships - as they value efficient industrial development above everything else.

They get unique special edict - "Forced Industrialization"

and special building

"Thermal Borehole" (can be built only on an Energy tile, great amount of minerals and energy, but significant damage to the Planet's environment).

It's not easy to integrate such thing as "pollution" into the current game, but I'm going to create special events regarding this matter, with different possible outcomes, depending on the ethic chosen.


"Expansionists" are obviously better at expanding their territories, thus having a bonus to

- Frontier Outpost construction (country modifier)
- Migration Speed (pop modifier)

"Private colony ships" are only available if you have both Libertarian AND Expansionist ethics at the same time.

"Pioneering terminal" now belongs strictly to Expansionist (so "Private colony ships" tech is not it's prerequisite anymore).

"Isolationists" mostly care about having better control inside and over their own borders, thus I gave them a bonuses to

- Border Range (country modifier)
- Fortification Defense (pop modifier)

"Isolationists" can build Empire Unique Wonder - "Ministry of Defence".


At first, this axis may seem just a slightly different interpretation of the existing AUTHORITARIAN/LIBERTARIAN duality. But I gave it a thought and actually it's quite all-sufficient and useful. For example, it helps to distinguish classic monarchies, which are most likely Elitarian, from military or communistic dictatorship, which are absolutely not. If you have a hard time imagining Elitarian democracy, you can think of modern Great Britain, for example.


+1 leader skill level
+20% leader infuence cost


+2 leader pool size
-20% leader infuence cost


1. Economy

Working on the mod, I was once advised that it'd be wiser to control civilization's economy through Policies rather than Ethics.

So, you may notice that ethic choices "Collectivist" and "Individualist" (which in case of my mod refer to economic values) do NOT seem to provide any explicit bonuses. That's done on purpose. Now there are 3 basic economic stances, available for everyone through Policies:

- Mixed Economy (+2% food, +2% minerals, +2% energy)
- Pro-Market (+3% energy, +3% minerals)
- Pro-Welfare (+3% food, +3% minerals)

Let's say, for example, that you pick basic "Individualist" ethos. Then you also have 2 more available choices for Economy: "Market" (+8% energy, +5% minerals) and (attention here!) "Welfare" (+15% growth). So, yes, picking "Individualist" ethos allows you to chose basic "Collectivist" economy stance, BUT, of course, at a cost of significant unhappiness of your population. Obviously, it probably does not make very much sense to set a "Welfare" economy in Individualist's empire, but important thing here is that now you have a CHOICE.

Note, that if you pick "Individualist" ethos, even weak "Pro-Welfare" economy choice will make you population a bit unhappy.

If you pick to be a "Fanatic Individualist", you will have the following economic stances available

- Market (+8% energy, +5% minerals) - you still able to chose basic "Individualist" economy
- Market(adv) (+15% energy, +10% minerals, -5% growth)

But now you are not able to set a "Welfare" economy anymore, and even basic "Pro-Welfare" choice will cause major unhappiness.

Here is the full list of available Economy stances:

- Mixed Economy (+2% food, +2% minerals, +2% energy)
- Pro-Market (+3% energy, +3% minerals)
- Pro-Welfare (+3% food, +3% minerals)

- Market (+8% energy, +5% minerals) - Individualist/Fanatic Individualist
- Market(adv) (+15% energy, +10% minerals, -5% growth) - Fanatic Individualist

- Welfare (+15% growth) - Collectivist/Fanatic Collectivist
- Welfare(adv) (+30% growth, -3% energy) - Fanatic Collectivist

- Free-Market (+15% energy, +10% minerals, -15% cost ship/buildings, +10% migration speed, -15% growth, +5% ethic divergence) - Individualist/Fanatic Individualist AND Libertarian/Fanatic Libertarian
- Free-Market(adv)) (+18% energy, +15% minerals, -20% cost ship/buildings, +20% migration speed, -30% growth, +10% ethic divergence) - Fanatic Individualist AND Fanatic Libertarian

- Planned (+20% growth, +15% construction speed ship/buildings, -5% ethic divergence, -10% energy) - Collectivist/Fanatic Collectivist AND Authoritarian/Fanatic Authoritarian
- Planned(adv) (+35% growth, +20% construction speed ship/buildings, -10% ethic divergence, -15% energy) - Fanatic Collectivist AND Fanatic Authoritarian

- Military Communism (-20% food comsumption, +15% construction speed ships/armies, -15% cost ships/armies, -15% energy, -5% happiness) - Collectivist/Fanatic Collectivist AND Authoritarian/Fanatic Authoritarian AND Militarist/Fanatic Militarist

- Capitalism Utopia (+12% energy, +12% minerals, +12% food, +5% peace happiness, -20% naval cap, -10% war happiness, -10% army morale) - Individualist/Fanatic Individualist AND Libertarian/Fanatic Libertarian AND Pacifist/Fanatic Pacifist

- Socialistic (+15% growth, +5% happiness, +10% habitability, +20% society research, -7% energy, -7% minerals) - Collectivist/Fanatic Collectivist AND Libertarian/Fanatic Libertarian

- Innovation Economy (+10% energy, +5% research speed, +10% construction speed ship/buildings, +15% robot output, -7% happiness, +5% ethic divergence) - Individualist/Fanatic Individualist AND Materialist/Fanatic Materialist

- Universal Welfare (-25% food comsumption, +10% happiness, +5% habitability, -15% ethic divergence, -10% energy) - Collectivist/Fanatic Collectivist AND Spiritualist/Fanatic Spiritualist

-Slaver Economy (+5% energy, +20% slave output, +33% slavery tolerance, -8% research speed) - Authoritarian/Fanatic Authoritarian AND Individualist/Fanatic Individualist

2. Environmental Regulation

This branch allows you to shape your Economy, depending on the choices you've made on both Environmental and Economical ethical scales.

- Ecological-Market (+15% food, -15% minerals) - market, shifted to more "ecological" kinds of production
- Ecological-Welfare (+5% habitability, -10% construction speed ship/buildings)
- Industrial-Market (+15% minerals, -15% food)
- Industrial-Welfare (+10% construction speed ship/buildings, -4% energy)

3. National Politics

- Ultra-Nationalism (Authoritarian/Fanatic Authoritarian AND Xenophobe/Fanatic Xenophobe)
- Multiculturalism (Libertarian/Fanatic Libertarian AND Xenophile/Fanatic Xenophile) - can only be enabled if Migration, Leadership and Voting are allowed for Xenos

4. Foreign Policy

- Peacekeepers (Pacifist/Fanatic Pacifist AND Xenophile/Fanatic Xenophile)
- Warmongers (Militarist/Fanatic Militarist AND Xenophobe/Fanatic Xenophobe)
- Peaceful Expansionism (Pacifist/Fanatic Pacifist AND Expansionist/Fanatic Expansionist)
- Military Isolationism (Militarist/Fanatic Militarist AND Isolationist/Fanatic Isolationist)

5. Social Values

- Power (Authoritarian/Fanatic Authoritarian AND Elitist/Fanatic Elitist)
- Equality (Libertarian/Fanatic Libertarian AND Egalitarian/Fanatic Egalitarian)

6. Production Focus

- Mining (Industrial)
- Military Industry (Industrial/Militarist)
- Waste Recycling (Ecologist)
- Agriculture (Ecologist/Pacifist)

7. Ideology

- Scientific Pragmatism (Materialist)
- Fundamentalism (Spiritualist)

8. Bureaucracy

- Empire Bureaucracy (Authoritarian)
- Efficient Bureaucracy (Libertarian)

9. Cultural Aspiration

- Spiritual Enlightment (Spiritualist/Ecologist)
- Defenders of Faith (Spiritualist/Militarist)
- Galactic Survey (Expansionist/Materialist) - former "Exploration" Tradition
- Wolrd Sculpting (Ecologist/Materialist)

I don't want to waste my time and space here, describing ALL the bonuses each Policy provide - you can easily check them yourself. But it's important to point out that every choice have it's unique bonuses, as well as significant drawbacks (probably not always significant enough - will see).


Three new AI Personalities: "Utopia Builders", "Aggressive Expansionist" and "Paranoid Isolationists".

Also, a vanilla-bug related to Personalities was fixed. Apparently, it was possible for Xenophobes to pick "Democratic Crusaders" personality. Well, for me it's kinda hard to imagine a xenophobe willing to die in order to bring democracy to some different species. Special thanks goes to @Syme for uncovering this.


I introduce 21 new Government forms and made some balancing changes to the vanilla govs as well, in order to make them a little bit stronger and unique. The full descirption for them can be found in the realted topic


3 new special Traits:

"Drone Mindset" - needed to pick "The Hive Mind" type of Collective
"Slave Gene" - needed to pick "The Hierarchy" type of Collective
"Brainchip" - needed to pick "The Coalescence" type of Collective


I introduce a couple of new Strategic Resources, which are only available if you have picked certain combination of Ethics.

1. If you have Industrialist/Materialist ethos, you are able to learn tech, allowing you to mine "Hyperium" - very rare, unique and quite radioactive metal, which can be used to build spaceport module "Hyperium Refinery" and Empire Wonder building "Industrial Capital".

2. If you have Ecologist/Spiritualist ethos, you can learn special tech called "Spirit of the Planet", allowing you to mine "Sacred Plant" - very special kind of plants, known for their ability to induce altered state of consciousness.

"Sacred Plant" is used to construct 2 buildings: "Recreational Site" (planetary unique) and "Sacred Grove" (Empire Wonder).

Also, there is a special planetary edict "Sacred Harvest Festival" available for those who have Ecologist/Spiritualist ethos.


- Leader maximum skill level is increased to 8.

- Spiritualism got back it's pops happiness modifier. And I really believe that this initial vanilla representation was the most accurate, with Spiritualism providing happiness by itself and reduced Ethic Divergence on the State level, when choosing Spiritualistic government.

- Pacifists got Empire unique Wonder - "High Diplomacy Academy", providing various "diplomatic" advantages.

- Xenophiles got Empire unique Wonder - "Pan-Galactic Forum", providing various "xenophilic" advantages.

- Fanatic Libertarians got their unique country special edict "Spirit of Freedom" (needs tech advancment to achieve).

- Edict "Spiritual Unity" was a bit changed and now provides increased happiness, reduced ethic divergence and reduced food consumption.

- "Ministry of Benevolence" is now called "Ministry of Truth", with it's description changed accordingly.

- In the description for Pacifist ethic and some Governments you can see that they provide you with additional "Embassies". The thing is that I fully integrated this mod

It returns the Embassy diplomacy option to the game, though NOT affecting the current "Trust" mechanic. Embassies are balanced: each of them can grant you no more than +25 Opinion (instead of initial 100 points), normally 5 Embassies are available.

I find it really useful and complementary to the existing diplomacy system.

- New building added - "Research Coordination Facility", generally improving research output of a Planet. Kinda like "Mineral Processing Plant", but for the research.


Special event chains for Collectivists and Individualists, Ecologists and Industrialists. Special strategic resources, technologies and buildings for new Ethics and Governments.



(For example, Traits or Governments mods are compatible, since they do not interact with GUI, and Colors or Emblems mods are not)

Mod won't work with any other modifying customize_species_editors.gui.

Files modified:




To @Theobald, who really helped me to complete the mod. Thank you, Theo, our discussion have been really helpful and productive!
To @katznmaus and @Dutch Vader, who assisted me greatly, as I was digging my way into the modding process.
To @Kurious Oranj, as I practilcally stole a few descriptions from his Hierarchical/Egalitarian mod.
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Adm. Yanxa Aug 14, 2016 @ 3:11am 
Perhaps a silly question, but is it achievement/ironman compatible?
Duder Sep 12, 2016 @ 12:34pm 
Hey, "Hierarchical" or "Elitist" is a better word for "Elitarian", which is not a proper word in standard English. Good luck with the mod.
petruxa  [developer] Sep 14, 2016 @ 5:57am 
@Duder thanks, gonna change it with the closest update
adecoy95 Oct 7, 2016 @ 2:28pm 
this mod is pretty neat!, does cybernetic robot resource output bonus affect synths?
petruxa  [developer] Oct 7, 2016 @ 3:05pm 
@adecoy95 it might but i'm not sure
Olafr_the_Viking Oct 12, 2016 @ 8:28am 
I love this mod! I am hoping that maybe you can make a compatibility fix with the "Stellaris+ [ Buildings & Resources ]" mod, or maybe if it is possible to not overwrite the 00_buildings.txt file?
petruxa  [developer] Oct 12, 2016 @ 1:54pm 
@Olafr_the_Viking I'll look into that, thanks
petruxa  [developer] Oct 12, 2016 @ 2:23pm 
@Olafr_the_Viking ok, that seems i did nothing really important in 00_buildings.txt, just a minor tweaking, so I deleted it. There should be no more conflicts with other mods on this.
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