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ARK: Survival Evolved

Ark Steampunk Mod
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iSpeZz  [developer] Dec 1, 2016 @ 8:08am
Patch Notes: X.X
Ark Steampunk Mod

Future items
  • Steampunk Ballon Sky Foundation [delay til its possible in the devkit]
  • Steampunk Battle Ship
  • Steampunk Bulldozer
  • Steampunk Dinos (Saber, Rex, etc...)
  • Steampunk Dinos Armor
  • Dino Teleporter

v1.9 Patch Notes:

Bug Fixes
  • Construction Yard now displays in the description powered by gas and oil
  • Sitting in the Barber chair now unlocks all hairstyles
  • Sitting in the Barber Chair now displays on screen to press "C" to cut hair
  • Fix Steampunk Airship Rehaul new fuel system as well "O" now turns it on and off (No dino loading zone can be toggled on the radial menu)
  • Some Building Lights have been revamp and change to increase FPS issues
  • Some Lights have Low.Med. and high setings
  • All Items coding have been changed to work with Core mods
  • Power Teleporter UI has been Vamped and re-coded to prevent client crashes
  • Snow machine no longer require power and bluff has been fixed
  • Snow Slush buff has been fixed when timer runs out the buff drops
  • Belladonna food buff has been changed
  • Steampunk Armor has be re skin to fit new Ark models better as well as smooth out some of the cloth sections
  • Steam Pot now accept fiber spark power and coal to make dyes
  • Recycler has been fix so it can now grind up any of the steampunk Resources Fixing infinite Resource Exploit
  • Glass Clear Wall has been adjusted to match all other walls
  • Metal blast forge now only displays 1 metal ingot BP u will still get the same metal count pre meal ore and coal
  • Storage Locker now display name on the outside
  • AC now requires power
  • Tesla Coils can be placed on the airship
  • Teleporter can be placed on the airship

  • All Steampunk Armor Can now be Dyed (3 Sections Each)
  • Cyro Chamber - Allow you to recover ur dead body's inventory items
  • Magnetic Dino Power Generator
  • Gear Light
  • New Snow Machine Model
  • Steam Incubator Power by steam
  • New Light Ceiling Fan
  • Add ascend and descend keys to hotair balloon (Accend = C) (Descend = X+Spacebar)

v1.8c Patch Notes:

Bug Fixes
  • Steam pot is crafted in the Steam Workstation
  • Fix the issue with the ariship getting stuck in the terrain
  • add controls to ascend and descend keybinds are displayed on screen
  • Fix Jitter when dinos are on the airship (if a base was built u might need to demo it)
  • Oval table can now be placed
  • Meat spoiler is not invisible anymore in single player mode

v1.8a Patch Notes:

Bug Fixes
  • Steam Pot Engram now enabled
  • Missing textures on the steampunk smoker Fixed
  • Fixed issue with Airship not being able to move when fueled
  • Fix issue with Airship Spawning in terrain and getting stuck (spawns 20ft up in the air now)
  • Moved Steam Fertilizer. It can now be crafted in the plant station.
  • Put warning on the steampunk airship spawn item to warn users

v1.8 Patch Notes:

NEW items
  • NEW Steampunk airship! (made in the construction yard)
  • New Oil Barrel
  • New Recycler
  • New Fancy Oval Table
  • Two New hanging banners (Pixel Painting)
  • Steam Pot Cooker
  • NEW UniKibble
  • Revamp Smoker
  • Revamp Meat Spoiler
  • Revamp Pipe Light
  • Storage lockers now display name on storage
  • Durability on armor and weapons increased by 10%
  • Weight increased on Airballon weight may vary on server settings
  • New Barber Chair!

Bug Fixes
  • Meat Spoiler fixed
  • Fix the amount of Fern and Wild Flower u get from bushes
  • Fix FPS issue on wall lamps/Lights
  • Fix issue where Rough diamons wouldnt craft all
  • Fix Typo with require fertilizer with rich soil
  • Fix issue where plant station wouldnt use fertilizer when crafting
  • Fixed stove/grill hissing sound heard around the map

v1.7 Patch Notes:
    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Outhouse description
  • Fixed issue with teleporter door not opening on failed teleport
  • Fix Diamonds Craft All not working
  • Fixed Teleporter UI Crash on Client
  • Fix Teleporting going invisable on Single Player after restart
  • Fix Drill going invisible on single player after restart
  • Fixed Hydro Plants mesh not showing on restart/relog
  • Fixed female Steampunk Helmet where hair wouldn't show

NEW items
  • Armor Speed buff Revamp not requires a Power Matrix in ur inventory and press R to Active.
  • Add new 2 new plants that give out buffs once fully grown (Health)
  • added new resource in the copper industrial forge called Refine Oil
  • Added New Tech Rhino
  • New Electric Crafting Station Model
  • New Planting Station 3 pots and 2 new seeds that can be harvested in the wild
  • Revamp Speed Boots Speed buff (Now requires a Matrix to be held inside players inventory to active)


v1.6.0 Patch Notes:
    Bug Fixes
  • Hotair Balloon Speed Bug Fixed
  • Copper Door and frame alignment fixed
  • Stove placing on raft losing collision fix
  • Steampunk Drill not working when out of rendering range fixed
  • Steampunk Armor Repair Adjusted
  • Fix Armor Durability
  • Rough diamonds crafting now gives u 15 instead of 7
  • Fix Exploit with Grinding snow balls
  • Fix Floor mesh being invisible under it
  • Fix Icebox Crash

  • Cooked Lamb Chop added to the stove
  • Tannery gears are now animated
  • Steam Pipe Organ
  • Revamped Copper Industrial Forge model
  • Steam Outhouse (poop when u can make fertilizer)
  • Teleporter Finally Fixed - Thanks to Oxxy =)
  • Teleporter UI Reworked
  • New Teleporter model
  • New Teleporter Matrix model and icon
  • New Teleporter model - Can only teleport 1 player at a time for now
  • Steampunk Shield, Sword and Mallet
  • Power Tesla Coil!


v1.5.1 Patch Notes:
    Bug Fixes
  • fix issue with the snow machine not working
  • fix issue with the refrige not placing on rafts correctly
  • fix issue with not being able to enter doorways
  • fix issue with hydro jug not being able to craft
  • fix issue server sending info to website
  • Diamonds increase from 5 to 7 pre-craft
  • Cooked mod with devkit 256.3


v1.5.0 Patch Notes:
    Bug Fixes/New Additions
  • Fix Bug with Dino Item Transfer where it would turn higher tier gear/item to primitive
  • NEW model for Oil Storage
  • Oil Storage, Copper Grinder, & Canopy have had there mesh merged and optimize as well as Destructible mesh have been created for them.
  • Enhanced Female Steampunk Armor Hair
  • Fix Steam Drill code logic due to New Devkit 254.7
  • Fix Storage Locker lock up when moving mass inventory items hold 500 items please pick up the storage locker if u have more the 500 items to get back missing items
  • Re-worked all Steampunk walls fixing gaps and better optimization when rendering
  • Glass Panel fixed to 5 Crystals for 1 glass panel
  • Fix issue with v256 breaking the steampunk generator =)

    New Features
  • Oil Storage now snaps to the StreamPress
  • Oil will automatically move from the press to the oil storage.
  • Iced Water Jar and Canteens can now be made in the Copper Icebox (just place a filled water Jar or Canteen and overtime will turn into a Iced verison)

  • Steam Drill inventory redesigned ( now when its full the drill will stop and alert you that its full ) i have done this to get rid of large inventory lockups

  • New Hydro Planter - Grow more then 1 plant at once
  • New Hydro Water Jug - refills on its own over time with sun rays
  • New Blast forge model
  • New Tannery for making leather
  • New Crafting abilities for armor you have a % chance to be higher quality
  • New Rich Soil Resource and Icon
  • New Hydro Jug empty and full icons
  • New leather resource and icon
  • All Steampunk engrams and icon have custom background
  • New Copper Fancy Chair
  • New Behemoth Wall models
  • New Behemoth Gate and Frame models
  • New Blastforge model and animations
  • New Tannery model
  • New Steampunk mod server list

      • Steam Industrial Grinder now has 1000 slots down from 2000 slots
      • Storage locker now has 500 slots down from 2000 slots
      • Copper Stove now has 500 slots changed from weight
      • All Steampunk armor are now Primitive and crafting cost reduced

      **Slots on some times have been reduce to prevent accessing inventory lockups**


    v1.4.0 Patch Notes:
    • Add New Steam MultiForge
    • Added Steampunk dino item Collector - Attaches to the Steam MultiForge
    • New Icon for Iceblocks
    • New Icon for Rough Diamond and Smelted Copper Ore
    • New Icon for Ice Cone
    • New Copper Plates Icon
    • New Glass Panels Icon
    • Ice cones have to been change to "Ice Slush" and a new icon has been made
    • **Dye Packs removed til next christmas!**
    • Re Codding Steampunk Teleporters now with Custom UI (Needs testing)
    • Teleporter no longer require matrix ( Martix Removed )

      Weight Changes
      • Steampunk Press now has 2000 slots
      • Blastforge now has 350 slots
      • Industrial forge now has 350 slots
      • Steam Drill now has 3000 slots
      • Steam Meat Spoiler now has 200 slots

      Bug Fixes
      • Fixed issue where meatspoiler would lose collision on platorms
      • Fixed Issue where Dinogates would lose collision on platforms
      • Fixed Issue where Balconys would lose collision when placing on rafts/platforms
      • Fixed Issue where some dinos would get stuck on teleporter
      • Grinder now has a Crafting Que to prevent Time-out bug
      • Oil can once again be place inside the Steampunk Smoker


    • Snow Machine Crash FIXED!

    v1.3.1 Patch Notes: Dec. XX

    • Optimization Pass Phase 1

    • Steampunk Christmas Tree
    • Steampunk Presents (have ark christmas items but aren't useable til Christmasday)
    • Steampunk Wreath
    • Added Clay, PreservingSalt, and Propellant to the Steampunk Grinder
    • Steampunk Snow Weather Machine Added
    • SnowBalls - for u to throw at fellow tribemates and have snow ball fights!


      Bug Fixes
    • Fixed Texturing on the steampunk chest and gloves
    • Fixed Grinder giving Black Pearls instead of stone.
    • Fix Teleporter Displaying locations and save and loading them on relog and server restart
    • Fix Grated Floor, Wall, Ceiling being Crafting in the crafting station!
    • Steam Coil Generator & Press Gear bug not starting on reload or restart FIXED!
    • Mist from steampunk boots has been removed
    • Fix bug where all drill would stop when another drill and bit would break

      Admin BOX Additions
    • Steampunk Bulldozer added to the admin box for testing (Might be delayed)

    v1.3 Patch Notes ETA Week of Sept..

    • Armor Speed Buff Reduced by 15%
    • Armor Reduced by 5%
    • Armor Damage Resisbuff Reduced by 5%
    • Armor Craft Cost Fixed to reflect crafting cost
    • Teleport bug which would teleport you 100 feet in the air fixed
    • Fixed Teleport Pads not beging located/found on relog/restart server
    • Structure Damage Settings adjusted - (1) C4 hit for about 450 HP takes about 50+ C4 to take down a behemoth wall
    • Fix Grinder engrams not showing up on restart
    • Fix Crafting Crash on Grinder
    • New Copper Industrial Smoker (COOKS Both ark and steampunk mod cook meat!)
    • NEW Grated Foundations
    • NEW Grated Walls
    • NEW Grated Ceiling
    • New Copper Wedges (To cover up the gaps people have complained about)
    • Heat Meat Spoiler (Spoils meat in massive amounts)

    v1.2 Patch Notes ETA Week of Aug..
    • New Copper Pipe Walls
    • New Copper Clear Glass Wall
    • Copper A/C cools a massive area at a perfect temp.
    • NEW Copper Industrial Grinder (Will Grind items and return 80% of mats back and make everything a mortar & pestal will as well as Grinds modded items)
    • Coal Crafting Speed Increased
    • Added additional Coal BP to Metal BlastForge
    • Structure settings adjusted to prevent modded dinos from distorying any steampunk items ( will Tweak more if needed )
    • NEW Steampunk Power Teleporter
    • New Steampunk Teleport Matrix
    • Both Male & Female Armor Sets (Crafted in Steampunk Crafting Station)

    v1.1a Patch Notes ETA Week of June.
    • Fix Auto Claiming on hotair ballons
    • Fix pulse turret requires power
    • Added glass walls to admin box
    v1.1 Patch Notes ETA Week of June.

    • Potential FPS lost fixed on steam Billboard
    • Potential FPS lost Fixed on Geared Wall Light
    • Fixed Drill bug. You can now place drills with different bits and get the correct resources!
    • Fixed Balcony bug not being able to place and metal roof displaying.
    • Stream Press Generator visual bug fixed it will not porphyry say powered
    • Fixed Wall Light not requiring power to turn on.
    • Ice Cone now gives buff again
    • Wall Light gears now stop when turned off
    • IceBlocks stacking size not increase to 50,000

    New Items
    • Steamwork Station now has 500 slots!
    • Add E Menu to Steam Generator
    • New Self Sliding door (In testing)
    • Added New Steam Impulse Auto Turret
    • Copper Dinosaur Gateway
    • Copper Dinosaur Gate
    • Steam Punk Air Ballon (has about 10k Health, holds 1000 Weight, needs Gasoline to move need of Testing)
    • Admin Box added with few testing items (Female Steampunk Armor, Glass Copper Walls,..Etc..)
    • New Construction Yard - Craft Massive Machines!

    • Fixed Copper Wall Light - Now lights correctly and stays lit on restart
    • Fixed Wall Light added light back.
    • Fix Walled Light in the Electric Steam Crafter
    • Fix Drill to work even if ur not in the area
    • Fix Descriptions on Steampunk Resources so ppl can tell the difference Between it and the Ark Advance items
    • Fix Copper Billboard now crafted in the Electric Steam Workstation - was previously missing
    • Ark Advance to Steampunk Converter removed.
    • Added Left&Right Placement Balconys
    • Current Balcony renamed to Front&back Balcony
    • Added Cooker Prime & Cooked fish to Copper Stove stacks to 10,000
    • New Diamond Resource Added to the Metal Blast Forge
    • Added New Diamond Tip Drill bit - Harvest Crystal/Stone and Rare Mushrooms
    • Reworked Stone/Metal Drill Bit to last for 1 RL day but at a cost
    • Fix issue where Oil Steam Press would demolish when u pick up the coil generator
    • Fix issue where Oil Storage tank wasn't consuming on placement
    • Added new Copper Bubble Pillar base decor
    • Added Copper Gazebo Base, Frame, Glass Roof, And Glass Roof without opening
    • Added Behemoth Gate and Frame
    • Added Copper Lamp Post

    More coming soon!
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