Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
Jack92 2013年5月1日 13時20分
Problem with the bags
Hi there! I had some problems with windows, so i was forced to restore the system. Then i downloaded Skyrim back, but the mods didn't do it automatically.
So, the character got stuck with the weight bonuses, though it did not have the bags.
Any suggestion or am i stuck?
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Sleepless 2013年5月10日 11時23分 
you're probably stuck.
Cyrax  [開発者] 2013年5月12日 8時56分 
Yeah, that is a nasty little bug.
Have you tried installing the mods, and re-equipping the bags?
Jack92 2013年5月12日 13時10分 
i tried, but re-equipping the bags resulted extra inventory space again.
I found a "solution": with the cheat from console that allows the player to expand the inventory I lowered the space with a negative number.
Nice trick :)
rahgot 2013年6月30日 21時25分 
Best mod ever!
BaalTomekk 2013年7月21日 13時39分 
hickeybryan 2013年7月23日 17時59分 
Jowber 2013年8月5日 23時12分 
Man, the mod is really amazing but I have one complain: My bandoiler seems to float a little distance from the armour, and is not on it. can you fix this please! I love this mod and dont want to stop using it!!!
NoName 2013年12月21日 10時06分 
try switch armor
wolfie_inu 2013年12月21日 11時06分 
Achmed, the bandolier is made so that it won't clip through heavy armor. So because light armor / clothing is smaller than heavy armor, the bandolier seems to float in the air. Unfortunately there is no solution so either unequip the bandolier or ignore the appearance
tUrgEsceNt.bOy 2014年3月10日 13時16分 
Got that bug after reinstalling on another computer and running Skyrim too quickly (with SKSE before actually installing the game through Steam)... What is that command Jack92 were speaking about? I'm trying to remove the extra-space inventory... And haven't found that command yet
Jack92 2014年3月11日 9時06分 
Honestly I don't remember now.
Try this:
Or simply search on Google "skyrim inventory cheat" or something else :)
LinkGamer456 2014年8月8日 15時44分 
do nothing and enjoy your buetiful glitch
SeaWolf 2014年10月4日 0時39分 
When I go to make a bandolier, it tells me I don't have any leather strips when I in fact have 7 in my inventory. I tried dropping and then re-equipping the strips to no avail. Would this be a possible glitch?
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